A Good Week

I went back to work this week after taking the previous week off and it went well. But there are still a lot of changes going on that I am not comfortable with. There are new forms that I have to start using, using a new company to do our payroll and moving away from ADP, and new procedures that must be observed. The field of mental health is always changing, and because of those changes, mental health treatment(s) are better now than they were from the turn of the century. But there is always room for improvement.

This past Tuesday was the usual monthly meeting, and, as usual, I was bored stiff. These meetings are mostly for the case managers, but I am mandated to attend, regardless. Before the meeting, there was a training class on how to recognise an opioid overdose, how and when to use Narcan, and some background history on the current opioid epidemic here. I considered taking a class to become a certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor, or CASAC, but I discarded the idea. After the class ended, I received a Narcan overdose kit. Now I know what to look for if I see a person who is unconscious. If the pupils resemble pin pricks, breathing is very shallow, non responsive to external stimuli, I can administer a dose through the nasal cavity, and place the person in the recovery position.

Friday turned into a stressful morning. I was assigned to take a client to his treatment program to see his counselor, and get injection. There was confusion as to whether the client was home. His roommate stated to me that he went to the store when I pulled up to his house, and the case manager kept telling me he was home. All that conflicting energy was started to stress me out. But I saw the client walking up the street towards me, so he was indeed at the store. We got there late, but he was seen, received his injection, and transported him back home.

Twice the power went out at work last week. I was not in the office the first time it happened, but I was sitting in front of the computer when it happened the second time. Thank the Gods for the emergency lights, but they need to updated to LEDs. I guess management did not take too kindly to the back to back power failures because I saw a generator being installed at another building, and the building I work in will be getting one too. Many moons ago, the campus was like a city. Had its own railway station, power plant, and zip code. The ruins of the power plant are still there. I would love to go in there and explore, but it is all the way over on the other side of the campus, and there is a risk of being arrested, or ticketed by the on campus police for trespassing.

Tomorrow, I am going to an interview about a possible truck driving job. Indeed, I do not like change, but I miss trucking. I have known this company from my college days. If I do get the position, I will have come full circle. Only working four days a week is a good deal, and it is closer to home than the current job. I could go back to being a bus driver if I wanted to, but I lived the dream, and I am done with it. I will talk to the guy tomorrow, and see if I like what he says. I’m still on the fence as to whether I want to go with this company or not, even though it is a great opportunity to upgrade to a Class A license.

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a blessed day.

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