My Love For Music

I have heard “White Flag” by Dido many times, but this week, it seemed to tell a story about my friend Becky, who also struggles with depression. By far, that is how I seem to match a song to a person. The next one is “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police, which matches to my friend Sheila. The funny part is I matched that song to her many moons ago, but I didn’t realise it until yesterday. I remember I matched “Storms in Africa” by Enya to a now former friend who is a writer. The very first one I matched was “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day to a guy named Chris who was a mechanic at my old job. It seems to me that out of all the songs in all the genres, there is a song that will match to someone.

I listen to a lot of music at work. My YouTube liked videos list has over 500 videos. It is not difficult for a song to become stuck in my head, especially if I love the song. One such example is “Just One Look” by Linda Ronstadt. I absolutely love the piano in the song, BUT, if I listen to it, I will not be able to sleep because the song will play non stop in my head. Same thing with “Bloody Mary” by Lady Gaga. The odd part is that I can pick a song to play in my head when I am trying to sleep. That song is “I Want Your Love” by Chic. It will stop playing on its own when I fall asleep. I wonder if that happens to anyone else.

Yes, I listen to a lot of music, but the weird part is I can’t stand listening to the radio at work because the energy from the commercials drive me crazy. I prefer listening to either my old school cassette player, or YouTube. As soon as my co-worker leaves, I turn it off. I loved WBLS in New York from back in the day, but now, the music and the commercials annoy me. I have to be in the mood to want to listen to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Secret Weapon, and Evelyn “Champagne” King. I need a new CD player in my car because the current one will not play my CD’s. Only the radio works for the moment and it stays off most of the time because I hate the commercials. It is capable of receiving satellite radio, but I cannot afford the monthly subscription at the moment.

I credit my cousin Laura for introducing me to the electronic keyboard. When she was taking music classes, she had a Casio keyboard that I liked to mess with. Later on, I bought my own. I remember I bought it from a store on Jamaica Avenue in Jamaica, Queens. I miss the first one I had, which could combine tones to create a different sound. For example, combining piano with a marimba voice created a toy piano sound. Brings back a very distant memory of me playing a toy piano as a kid in Jamaica whilst grandpa was playing dominos with friends. I am now on my third Casio. The previous one has a problem with the speakers, which causes the music to sound distorted. I regret to say that I only know the basics like simple chords, sharps and flats, fill in’s, the different times like 3/4, 4/4, and 6/8, and beats in a measure. I have a song that I like to play from time to time called “The Whistler.” It is an instrumental piece in 3/4 time, and I like to use a woodwind voice, such as a clarinet. It is largely unfinished because I am always trying different chords and endings. Sometimes tears flow when I am playing something because the energy I feel from the music can be overwhelming. It helps chase away any negative energies. I love my Casio so much. But, unlike B.B. King, who named his guitar “Lucille,” my Casio 61 key does not have a name…..yet.

Thanks for reading this post. Sat Nam.

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