A Lesson in Futility

Yesterday afternoon turned into a meltdown. I needed to do laundry, but first, I had to put money on my laundry card. The machines in the on site laundry room do not take cash. I needed to use the machine in the fitness centre to put $5 on the card. So as I’m standing in front of the machine putting in the money, I’m wondering why it keep rejecting the $1 bill until I read the disclaimer that it only accepts $5, $10, and $20 bills. So I go home and rummage through my jar of “mad money” to find a five dollar bill, I drive back, then I realised that I cannot find my key card, which is needed to get into the fitness centre.

My frustration was rapidly approaching the boiling point.

So I tried logging into my account to put money on the card. I know my username and password, but it will not log me in. I used the forgot password link, in an attempt to reset it, and I am still unable to log in.

The frustration needle was now in the red zone.

After a few minutes of cooling off, I tried one more time after I went into my apartment, and the same thing happened. Now I went past my boiling point. If it was not for the Losartan, I could have suffered a stroke or a heart attack. I threw both of my phones on the carpet in frustration, and sat in my easy chair to calm down.

Even if I was successful, I would have needed to wait until Saturday. It was raining all day, becoming heavy at times. I washed four pairs of underwear and a pair of socks in the kitchen sink, and I bought new underwear at Walmart yesterday. I should have bought the next bigger size, but it will have to suffice. A friend is sending me $40 to help with laundry. It will also help cover the cost of a replacement key card, which is $25.

I found out days later that the problem was the Samsung browser on my phone. It is very quirky when it comes to login attempts. I used Chrome to login, and I had no trouble. Lesson learned. Never use the phone browser. I had to get a new key card at a cost of $25. Then I found the old key card in the back seat of my car. Well, at least I have two in case I lose one.

The featured pic represents the project truck that I want to build someday. It is a GMC 9500. This is a custom truck because there was never a crew cab version. This one was selling for $4,300, and I wished I had the money.

Thanks for reading my post. As always, Sat Nam.

One thought on “A Lesson in Futility

  1. I am glad that you are hanging on to your dream of building your truck. If it is meant to be, one day you will have the opportunity to build it. Our thoughts and words have power so think of that truck as often as you can.😊

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