Memorial Day Weekend

Yesterday marked my return to the marina, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was crowded as expected as throngs of people were going to Fire Island. HMS Nicolet, Kiki, and Marquette all departed with a full load of passengers. I was happy to see that a new mini lighthouse was constructed, and new rocks were placed. The seagulls made a mess out of what was supposed to be a navigational beacon. I sat on the bench and enjoyed the boat traffic, and watching the ferries depart. They travel slowly until they reach open water, then they run at flank speed. Some of the departing boaters do not wait to reach the harbor mouth, and any incoming vessel will experience the turbulent wake left by the departing vessel. That irritates me. I wish I can ride the ferry. But I would stick out like a prostitute in church because the passengers are usually 100% Caucasian. Have to stick with the Port Jeff ferry to Connecticut.

I walked over to the beach area to look for sea shells. The wind was mild, low tide, and the water was a bit rough. I only saw two broken shells, a dead crab, and a large fish that washed up on shore. Something took a big chunk out of it. I just stood there for a few minutes enjoying the sound of the waves crashing. Then I went over to the pier and meditated for a bit. I was talking to Rayna, goddess of the wind. I have not spoken to her in over a year. She encourages me not to live in darkness, I am more powerful than I think, and I can overcome my challenges. I wanted to talk more, but she had to leave. It was wonderful to be able to talk to her. It was very odd that I had the whole pier to myself considering the crowded parking lot, but I was grateful for the alone time. I could have stayed here all day, but I needed to leave, and I needed to wee. One of my paradoxes is that I hate the smell of humid air, but love the salty sea air smell. Makes me feel like I’m home. It is also the main reason why I could never live in a land locked state.

On my way to the marina, I saw several buses in the railroad station parking lot, and they were still there when I was leaving. Since I am a bus aficionado, I went to investigate. There was a derailment at Speonk, which is three stations away, so all rail service was terminating at Patchogue. Passengers had to transfer to buses to get the train at Hampton Bays for all points east, aka “bustitution.” It is not a common occurrence, but it does happen, usually because of construction, and the occasional service disruption. I experienced that many moons ago on another line because of construction.

It is another beautiful day. I wish I would go outside and enjoy it, but I would rather relax at mom’s house. I return to work tomorrow. I do not relish that aspect. At least I will have my car, and I can go back to my routine. I see the doctor and my therapist this week and on Friday is my interview for a new position. In the meantime, I plan on enjoying the rest of the day.

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