Let’s Do a Giveaway!

My fellow introverts, and patriots, I would love for you to have a genuine maheesamunhotep.com tee shirt, courtesy of customink.com

I have a male and a female shirt, both 2X size to give away. On the rear of the shirt, its says FREE THE USA! a blue font. But to get your shirt, you have to do something for me.

I talked about many life events in my blogs, but there is one particular event I’m looking for. The first male AND female that leaves a comment in the blog that contains the life event gets the shirt. Its as simple as that.

You have until May 7th, 2021 at midnight to find the life event. Remember, there are many to choose from. Just because I say no to a wrong event does not mean you’re disqualified. Keep going until you get the right one! Certain people are not eligible for this giveaway for reasons.

I’m finally going on vacation I need to get away from work so bad. I have never been out west before. The last time I left NY was sometime before 2012 when I went to Connecticut. It will be my first time on an airliner since 1985 when I went to the Cayman Islands to visit my now deceased aunt; rest her soul. I have a lot of planning and packing to do this month.

You have a week to find the life event and win. If there are no winners, I will offer them for sale. Prices will be announced when the time comes. Good luck!

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