Too Much Of a Thing

Sometimes I wonder if I am too much of a person to be around. I acknowledge that I do overshare, and there are times I have had to stop myself from sharing something I believe the person will like because I had shared something previously. Yesterday was one such example. The person asked that I not share anything related to a controversial subject, and I honoured that request by deleting the post.

I remember I was a member of a Aries group on Facebook and I posted frequently. After observing veiled backlash about one of my posts, I decided to leave. Being that the group members were all Aries, starting an argument will turn into a war, and feelings will get hurt. Then I remember yet another incident where a friend asked me to stop sharing posts about wine. I admit I got carried away with it so I have not shared any wine posts with this person for a few years.

I feel like maybe I need to be in a support group for oversharing because it gets me into trouble. In my defence, I don’t share anything related to animal abuse, child abuse, or bloody murder scenes. I started sharing on Facebook again, but I will stop because I don’t want to be a target for someone’s attitude. Currently, there are only two people I feel comfortable sharing stuff with.

What else is on my mind today? I’m afraid of what is going on in this world. Evil is rising, and even with all the weapons from my Doom game, I can’t stop it. What really hurts is that no one cares about what’s going on. Thoughts of suicide have returned, but not because I’m depressed. I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t do anything without having a vac card. Its one against an army all right. Sometimes I wish I had a partner next to me to help fight the power. But that person will sell out, just like everyone else, and I will be the only one that dares to look evil in the eye and say “BRING IT BITCH.” Because if I have to draw my last breath, it is because I was fighting to save this country from the clutches of the Marxists. But no one would care anyway. Last man standing? It may come to that. I regret that I have only one life to give for my country.

Thanks for reading my post. Have a good day.

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