Product Review: Tom’s Of Maine Deodorant

I have been wanting to switch to aluminum free natural deodorant for a few years now, and I found the one that works for me. Whilst I was shopping in Wal-Mart last week, I was in the Health and Beauty Aids section (HBA) looking at deodorant, and Tom’s of Maine caught my eye, so here is my review:

I tested the Arm & Hammer Essentials natural deodorant previously. I wanted to like it, I wanted to use it. But every single time I used it, my underarms developed a nasty rash. I had to go back to conventional clear gel deodorant. Whenever I did, my underarms would burn like they were on fire. Eventually, it would go away. So, after the second tryout, and failing miserably, I stopped using it and tossed it in the trash.

I tried a hypoallergenic natural roll on deodorant next, and it worked fine in the winter, but not the summer. At least it did not make my underarms itch. But I was pleasantly surprised with Tom’s of Maine. Aluminum free, not tested on animals, all natural, but I was concerned that it did not say antiperspirant. I used it once, and I was surprised that my underarms were dry, there was no itching, and it smelled great! I put it to the test. It has been hot and humid here all week. I used it for five days, and there was no wetness, no smell, no stains. I’m using it today, and it is another hot and humid day, and there is no wetness. I absolutely love it!

One thing I did notice is that for it to be as effective as possible, it is best to re-apply when I get dressed for work. I use it when I shower at night, and use it again in the morning. Although the initial experiment produced no wetness, some was noted when I was washing my car. That was my fault, because I did not shower that day, and it only lasts 24 hours. It was another hazy, hot, and humid day. Extreme heat warnings were in effect.

If you’re looking to kick the aluminum deodorant habit, check out Tom’s of Maine. Make sure you test it first because it might give you a rash. Everyone is different. If your skin is really sensitive, look for the hypoallergenic ones. I will review the one I used in another blog post.

I want to do a few more product reviews to add some variety to this blog. Please tell me what you think. Thanks for reading my review. Sat Nam.

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Tom’s Of Maine Deodorant

  1. I use a stick deodorant. A spray leaves a white residue under the armholes of my tops. Spray also removed the color in some of my clothes so I am mindful of what deodorant I use.


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