Some Assorted Stuff

I wanted to say that, after all that you have seen going on between the Republicans and the Democrats, if you still plan to vote Democrat, and I don't know why you would, then I have something to show you. Fuck the Fourth? Really? This is the kind of hatred the Democrats have consistently … Continue reading Some Assorted Stuff

Roe vs. Wade Part II: More Reactions

My twin flame correctly surmised that there would be a follow up blog. But this is taking longer than I expected. There is so much to say and so much material to read. That Choosing Death video really changed how I see abortion. Everyone needs to see it. But let me finish what I started, … Continue reading Roe vs. Wade Part II: More Reactions

We Need To Talk about This Whilst perusing YouTube, I happened upon this video, and it makes me so mad! But before we jump into the fun stuff, let's me give you a back story. I have a history with JW's, and none of it is good. I remember reading those silly Watchtower pamphlets and not paying much attention to … Continue reading We Need To Talk about This

And Another Thing…

A few hours after I went to press, my Patriot friend sent me another profound video. This one is short, but Beck makes his point. What is this? All of a sudden the LGBTQ community is pushing their sick and twisted agenda's on us. Inviting children to their shows, grooming them for sex, making … Continue reading And Another Thing…