In A Dark Mirror

Coming up on today's edition of the Introvert Soapbox: The prodigal daughter of Italy gets crucified on social media for her latest tweet, Kim K speaks up for a demonic fashion house after a six day long silence; and another tool for the Left was made fun of on social media for her Twitter poll. … Continue reading In A Dark Mirror

This Needs to Stop Right Now!

Okay, what I have to say is really burning a hole in my chest, and I need to speak on it. So listen up ladies because this applies to you. But first, I need to show you this article: Now let me ask you ladies a question: Why are you letting MTF transwomen insult … Continue reading This Needs to Stop Right Now!

Real Women versus Wannabes

Today on the Introvert Soapbox, a cosmetics brand embraces a certain demographic whilst alienating their core customer base, competition between biological women and trans women, one of my fears has reached fruition, and a surprise encounter. So hang out with me and see what is on my mind. In a previous post, I shared a … Continue reading Real Women versus Wannabes