Get Louder with Crowder About Censorship

Coming up: Steven Crowder versus the Daily Wire; Madonna desperately wants to stay relevant; a biological male who identifies as a woman feels that he has every right to use the female locker room. Oh boy, here we go... Hello everyone, and welcome to the Introvert Soapbox where I post about stuff that's on my … Continue reading Get Louder with Crowder About Censorship

Here We Go Again

Coming up on this 2023 edition of the Introvert Soapbox: H&M inks yet another deal; updates about my truck; a new acquisition for my enterprising daughter; and mom finally gets her Yule present. So let's get into this sordid mess. For some reason, I can't get enough of H&M. On one hand, they disgust … Continue reading Here We Go Again

Truth or Dare to Ask Questions

Coming up on the Introvert Soapbox: The White House mouthpiece walks out during a briefing; Christmas in the White House takes on a sinister meaning; Project Veritas exposes the disgusting practices at a Chicago private school; and Casey Anthony wants to tell her side of the story. I don't pay attention to anything that Dictator … Continue reading Truth or Dare to Ask Questions