Abusive Relationships

On Friday night, I received a message from a friend that I met many moons ago when she was in crisis, and I was able to help her. She needed help in choosing crystals and stones that will help with stress. She was also calling on behalf of one of her daughters, who I have known for many moons. She was in a lot of emotional pain and needed help. I could see, and feel that pain in her eyes. Whilst I cannot go into the full story, it was serious enough to require immediate help. I was able to take her pain and stress away, and give her peace.

It took a lot of courage for her to leave him. Most women would stay and put up with the abuse, hoping it would stop, and life would get better. Or, he apologises to her, promises to never hit her again, and she believes life will return to normal. In reality, it only gets worse. Once the husband/boyfriend sees that he can manipulate and control her, it will escalate.

So why doesn’t the woman just leave? The motivation to do so is non existent, because, in an abusive relationship, he dominates the conversation, and takes most of her energy in the process, leaving her feeling weak and tired. In a healthy relationship, energy is shared equally through normal conversation. It is a matter of balance.

Not all women will put up with abuse. I remember I had met a woman in a chatroom who confessed that she was being abused by her husband. No matter how much I begged her, she would not consider leaving him. I had to leave it alone. On the other hand, I have known women who will not tolerate any kind of abuse. They will either fight back, or walk away.

Mom was in such a relationship many moons ago. It was more emotional abuse than physical. I think it has left some emotional scars on her, but she is still a force not to be reckoned with. I also do not wish to leave out the men, because, believe it or not, in some relationships, it is the woman who is the abuser, and some men feel ashamed to speak up. Guys, don’t be afraid. If you feel abused, please speak to someone about it. It can be me, a friend, or a medical professional.

If you are in a abusive relationship, if you feel the relationship is starting to feel one sided, you can talk to me in private. All that is said remains confidential. Thank you for reading my blog. Namaste.

2 thoughts on “Abusive Relationships

  1. This is a wonderful blog post and shows others the great healer that you are. No, as healers, we cannot save everyone, but the ones we do save are well worth our effort. Great job! 😊

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  2. I could not agree more, I am glad you are posting on this my friend. It speaks volumes about you as a great friend and as a confidant. I pray that your friend sees reason and becomes one of the survivors and not just another victim here. Bright Blessings to you! ❤ ^_^

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