The End of The Road

As you guys may know, my car has been in the car shop since January for a new converter. Now I have bigger problems than a failed inspection. The frame has severe rot. No chance of repair. I remember when we were getting a deluge of rain a few years ago and my highway exit was flooded. I took a chance and waded through the water at a slow crawl. That was the dumbest thing I could ever do. Ever since that incident, I had to have the front hubs and the carrier bearing replaced. I used Rust-oleum inside the front fender to stop the rust from consuming the metal. Obviously, I didn’t put it on the frame where it was really needed. Now I really feel like a idiot because I bought a new battery and I had replaced the driver side headlight assembly before it went to the shop. I would not have spent the money if I knew the rot was that bad. Then I realised that even if there was no rot, the car would still go to scrap because finding a converter for it is nearly impossible.

I know my friend Erica is selling her Hyundai Sonata, but it has 190,000 miles. I don’t want it because if it needs major engine work, most mechanics will not touch a Hyundai engine. But if I find my back is against the wall, I may have to make her an offer. And here I was wishing for a Toyota Rav4 Hybrid. I have a better shot at asking the Pineway goddess out on a date. So now I’m waiting to hear back from my guy about a car. I really want a truck or a crossover at least, but beggars can’t be choosers.

To make life even worse, mom’s runabout will need a timing belt next month. I’m thinking about having it done at the dealer, but that will mean spending all day in the waiting room and the final bill could be over a grand. I don’t know how all this will play out. I’m at wits end. I’ll be groveling at the feet of my deities asking for help for the rest of the month. Keep your fingers crossed for me please.

Meanwhile I was watching a video about the six worst crossovers to stay away from, and surprise, my Equinox was number four with timing chain, transmission and electrical problems. I was always bothered by the timing chain rattling when I accelerated from a stop. I never had transmission problems, but a few electrical ones. The front marker lights needed to be replaced due to corrosion and a new number plate light was installed due to rusting of the original lights. The backlighting for the HVAC controls went dark and the whole circuit board needed to be replaced. The blend door was stuck closed so the windows would fog up on a rainy day unless I used the air con or cracked a window open. And how can I forget the fuel pump failing whilst I was on the highway. I assure you, that was not a cheap repair. Oh yeah, I needed the ECM replaced. Putting it on top of the battery box without a cover is a dumb move by GM. The car was on borrowed time. I bet the timing chain would have snapped eventually and left me stranded somewhere. Well, no more Chevy cars and trucks for me because they’re all junk.

I wanted to say that the number one WORST crossover is the Buick Encore. The others are the Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Journey, and the Nissan Rogue for CVT issues. The name of the sixth one escapes me, but it was either a Chevy or a Dodge. I’m staying away from them.

So that’s all I have for now. I pray that I will be able to find an affordable car or crossover. Have a good day, a good evening and a good night.


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