Backlash in Clown World Yes, you read that right. $700 billion dollars bill to "reduce inflation." I can hear my friend Helen Serrano unzipping her face with her famous horse laugh. This makes no sense whatsoever! I can tell them that until I'm blue in the face, and it will go in one ear and out the other … Continue reading Backlash in Clown World

Move It

So you guys may remember that in a previous post, I commented about three families that were evicted from my apartment complex in July. Well, this past Friday, I was able to bear witness to yet another resident being forcefully removed from their domicile. I was already parked and filling out what seems to be … Continue reading Move It

Lee Zeldin Attacker Arrested on Federal Charges I was shocked and horrified when my PF sent me a clip of Lee being attacked during a campaign stop. After I calmed down, I figured he had to be an operative for the Democrats and a lackey of Hocul. Zeldin has been having Fire Kathy Hocul rallies around NYS, and since she regards … Continue reading Lee Zeldin Attacker Arrested on Federal Charges

Articles to Share

I wanted to share a few posts that my Patriot friend shared with me. The first two from American Thinker are very well written. I'm almost jealous that I can't write like that. But if I'm pissed off enough, I could have a go at it. The second one answers the question as … Continue reading Articles to Share

Wanted: Brett Kavanaugh, and more Leftist Logic Okay, we all know how unhinged the left can be. We have seen it first hand, and I have shown you how unhinged they can be. Now here is another example. These leftist lackeys of Satan HATE the Supreme Court Justices so much, that they put what amounts to a $250 bounty on their … Continue reading Wanted: Brett Kavanaugh, and more Leftist Logic

Impeach the Dictator for Life Since 30% of the population approve of the job this bonehead is doing, that implies that 70% disapprove. My question is WHO are the 30% that approve of this diaper wearing sub human who has the balance of a broken gyroscope? We can agree that this wannabe communist needs to be impeached. People … Continue reading Impeach the Dictator for Life

NY Gun Law and Other Stuff This new gun law that the Democrats AND Republicans pushed through is absolutely ridiculous!! Basically, you have to give up any sort of privacy to prove that you need a gun. What does your social media account have to do with you wanting to get a gun permit? The amount of bullshit that is … Continue reading NY Gun Law and Other Stuff

Some Assorted Stuff

I wanted to say that, after all that you have seen going on between the Republicans and the Democrats, if you still plan to vote Democrat, and I don't know why you would, then I have something to show you. Fuck the Fourth? Really? This is the kind of hatred the Democrats have consistently … Continue reading Some Assorted Stuff