Mulvaney-ism and the Beer Backlash

Before I get started on another rant, let’s define this new term that came to me recently. Mulvaney-ism (adjective) is any individual from the trans community who openly mocks biological women through satire, or makes stereotypical comments about how women act, dress, and conduct themselves in public. A synonym for this term could be misogynist, but there is a difference. Misogynists are mostly men. But then again, trans women are biological men. So Mulvaney-ism can be applied to the trans community, but misogynist is applied to biological men who don’t dress as women.

Okay, now let’s get down to business. Dylan Mulvaney, poster man-girl-child of the Alphabet Club and the Left, has done it yet again. Anheuser-Busch has made him their “spokeswoman” (insert maniacal laughter here) for But Light. They even put his face on a can to celebrate 365 days of girlhood. Well, hog gravy and chitlins and la di dah! Someone give him the Razzy! I watched the bathtub scene and I was saying to myself what is this? Is he trying to be sexy? I don’t get it. What was the point of that charade? Seriously, it was like watching a cartoon. I would rather see Alexandra Cabot III in a bathtub covered in suds. That would turn me on. Dylan not only turns me OFF, he makes me want to puke.

March 2004 was the start of my freshman year at college. Every day after my last class, there was a foul stench of beer in the air coming from the Clare Rose facility a block over. Either it was a warehouse or a brewery because they had trucks that delivered Budweiser to all the stores in the region. It was, and still is, a big company. I used to work at the DSNY in the city and I was accustomed to the smell of rotting garbage at the landfill. But the smell from Clare Rose was beyond awful. I was so happy when the college bought a bigger building nearby, and we moved in a year later.

I never liked the dish water called Budweiser and Bud Light. King of Beers. Yea, right. King of Queers is more fitting. And now I see that Coors and Heineken support the Alphabet Club. Finding a new beer of choice might be difficult because AB owns several brands. I think I’ll check out Red Stripe better. They would not be offering Mulvaney a sponsorship. I promise you that. Since it comes from Jamaica, the company would not tolerate a batty boy promoting their product.

Yesterday I read about Jack Daniels going woke. What is it that Susan Powter used to say? Oh yeah, STOP THE INSANITY!!

I can’t stand this wokeness shit. Please make it stop. Who’s next to join the derailed woke train? Kellogg’s? General Mills? Who else wants to help erode society even further? This is the world that my grandkids have to grow up in. This is indeed the land of confusion. Anyway, thanks for sticking around, and leave a like and/or comment. Time marches on, and so must I. Be safe, be strong, be wary, be smart.


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