Locker Room Lunacy

Today on the Introvert Soapbox, I'll talk about a girls volleyball team that has been banned from their locker room except for one "girl;" I'll show you a video that at first glance looks to be satirical in nature, but it is not; we'll catch up with Prager U frontwoman Amala, and I'll cover odds … Continue reading Locker Room Lunacy

Its All Garbage to Me

On this edition of the Introvert Soapbox, we'll get into the garbage collection woes in Jamaica, alleged mismanagement by the National Solid Waste Management Authority, and what can be done to improve garbage collection in the island nation. So let's unpack this. I do not agree with Audley Gordon's assessment on the garbage collection … Continue reading Its All Garbage to Me

Semi Fascists Unite!

I have three pictures to show you, and you tell me in the comments which one represents fascism to you. When I saw a clip of Paedo-Hitler's speech, I was quite disturbed. Or maybe frightened is the better word. It brings back memories of watching American Horror Story: Apocalypse, which includes scenes from inside … Continue reading Semi Fascists Unite!

Stupid Is as Stupid Does By now, you probably know that Commie-fornia has banned petrol car sales starting in 2035. I was saying how can they switch to electric vehicles when the state keeps experiencing brown outs? So when I first saw this in the news, it gave me the giggles because I knew it was coming. Now here's … Continue reading Stupid Is as Stupid Does