Sleeping Single

Some of you may know that this past February, the HMS Suzanne Connor not only sailed, it sunk, and I was left to take care of our daughter when she really needed us. Thankfully, she's doing a lot better. Now some of you may also know that I was pursuing a woman that I knew … Continue reading Sleeping Single

Possible Leftist Sell Out

Before I get into tonight's topic, you guys remember the article about Jill Biden I shared in my Leftist Logic post where I referred to her as an asphalt reptile. Well, she seems to have proven my point. Cast your peepers on this YouTube video: First of all, those stockings don't look like fishnets … Continue reading Possible Leftist Sell Out

Leftist Logic As I was reading this article, I'm trying to figure out how can a highway be racist. Then my brain came to a halt. The highway is racist because the pollution affects minority communities? The logic makes no sense. The stupidity literally gives me a headache. I had to take a Tylenol. I will … Continue reading Leftist Logic

FJB-The Dynamic Do-Nothing I am so sick of Biden that it makes my blood boil. I don't refer to him as president. He is a dictator and a Communist sell out for life, as well as a despot. Instead of blaming this Salvador Ramos for the shooting, he blames the Republicans and the gun lobby! Doesn't … Continue reading FJB-The Dynamic Do-Nothing