Just Sounding Off About Stuff

https://www.buymeacoffee.com/crvaughnz/still-new-1196868 Happy Eostre everyone! I celebrate the traditional version, which is originally about sex and fertility, hence the eggs and rabbit. Of course, Christianity adopted it, and changed it to suit their beliefs. But that argument is for another day. Every time I try to get away from this woke and paedophilia crap, I get … Continue reading Just Sounding Off About Stuff

More Disney and Other Stuff

Before I go into my rant about Disney, I need to share this video I found on Twitter. This illustrates just how much of a joke our administration is to the rest of the world. But, its on point, and I think its funny. https://twitter.com/AsaadHannaa/status/1513681354348716035 Okay, so lets get into Disney with these two posts. … Continue reading More Disney and Other Stuff

A Few Bits and Pieces

So I have a few things to share with the class, and BLM takes centre stage. https://nypost.com/2022/04/04/black-lives-matter-used-donations-to-buy-6-million-southern-california-home-report/ As I have told you before, none of the money that BLM makes, or STEALS, goes to help members of the black community, so this should not shock you. All the people who have donated millions of dollars … Continue reading A Few Bits and Pieces

The Woke Prince of Bel-Air

I have been waiting to unpack this. Salivating like Wile E. Coyote when he first sees the Road Runner, rubbing my knuckles together and smiling like Satan's maid Nancy Pelosi. Hollywood, the bitch slap heard around the world, and declining ratings for the Oscars. I have plenty to say about those elitists. Frankly, they should … Continue reading The Woke Prince of Bel-Air