Sleeping Single

I was talking to a wonderful and trusted friend a few weeks ago, and she wondered: why am I single? So I thought I would answer it here.

Most of the women I meet are already in a relationship, and the friendship can sometimes turn into me taking on the role of healer, or mentor because the person may be going through challenges that are difficult for her to overcome, and I help put that person on the path to wellness. Or she is destined to follow a path, and she is afraid, and needs a nudge in the right direction. For the single women I meet, they do not see me as a love interest. I usually become like a brother to them who will listen to them if they need to vent, or if they are in crisis, and need my help. I do not complain, because I feel it is a honour to be in such a role.

Being in a relationship would be difficult for me. I bring a long of passion and desire to the table, and I have found that most women cannot handle that. It would take a really special woman to be able to keep up with me. Then there is the introvert factor. She cannot sleep in the same bed as me at night. I need a separate bedroom because I need my alone time. It hurts my sister that I am alone, and she wishes I could find someone. I remember I meditated with the goddess Aphrodite who said that I was not ready for a relationship. When the time comes, she will make it happen. That was a few years ago. Unfortunately, I am still not ready. I wanted to get a cat, but the $400 “pet rider fee” is a major deterrent. So until my time comes, I am living my best life, and continuing to experience my passion for writing.

For the days when loneliness catches up to me, I turn to my music to ease the pain. Sometimes it turns into tears. The right song can help me to release the pain. In the past, I had gave up women. Would not look at them. Surrounded my heart with barb wire and duct tape. It never lasted long because I would heal myself. Now its a matter of being patient, and not being desperate. I need to be patient. The Universe shall rule in my favour, when the time is right. Thanks for reading my post. Sat Nam.

One thought on “Sleeping Single

  1. I agree with you that when you are ready for your partner, she will come. Not just you, but she is being made into the person you need in the meantime. Patience is hard, but is worth it in the end. 🙂

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