Hello, and welcome to my revamped page formerly known as Confessions Of an Introvert. I had thought about ending this blog, but now I will use it to talk about whatever is on my mind, since speaking the truth is subject to censorship by the leftists and the wannabe communists. On this platform, I can say what I want without fear of being censored. As a matter of fact, I will not call it a blog. This is my online soapbox. This will be my way to be heard, since no one cares when I speak about the nonsense that goes on in this world.

This soapbox is also meant to be an outlet for my missed calling in journalism. I never realised it before, but the first clues of my writing abilities was taking an interest in mom’s Royal Electric Typewriter when I was 13. I remember I put in a sheet of paper and I attempted to write an article about what would life be like in the future. Its a good thing I never attempted to publish it because it would have been dismissed as plagiarism. In the early 90’s, I wrote poems, songs, and even a play. The first poem, Star Girl, was about my friend Wendy, who I had a major crush on. That was the only poem that was ever published. In hindsight, I thought it was some kind of scam. Something about a national book of poetry. Wish I knew it at the time. I was just excited to get my work published.

The majority of the featured pictures come from my sister from another mister Renea. She is in the process of turning her kitchen into a work of art. It is as much her passion as writing is to is to me. You may leave a comment about them if you wish, and I will share it with her.

Creating The Introvert Soapbox was not easy for me. I had to ask myself the tough questions. Should I delete everything and give up on a dream? Or should I remake it into something better and keep writing? I have to keep writing. I would probably hate myself if I stopped. In the meantime, onward and upward!

7 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Chris, I am so proud of you for taking this step in your life.. sounds like you have known your calling for some time but have let other life paths get in the way of your dreams.. I am so pleased to be apart of your life as you have helped me through so much w my own tragedies.. PTSD and DEPRESSION is not a joke as I live w this as you well know every day its a daily battle for us.. Thank you for opening up and congrats on the steps you are taking to make your dream come true.

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  2. My little brother, you have a gift. Thank you for sharing this gift with others. Depression, anxiety, PTSD are so often made to feel like something to be ashamed of. Anyone who deals with these or other issues are the true warriors. Keep writing!!!! 💜


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