You Don’t Have To Feel Alone

First of all, I want to wish a very happy birthday to my cousin Laura, and the lovely Sheila, who I have known for a number of years. August 25th was also the birthday of her sister Sheryl, and my friend Christine. Once upon a time, I used to know a lot of Virgo’s. Now, only the ones I actually talk to are still around.

Today, I wish to share my ways of coping when I feel alone. Of course, I know that I am never alone. The spirits are always talking to me, and I talk to them. Today, they wanted me to visit the marina because they know I feel at peace there. But I had other things to do this morning. I made the time to meditate with them, and I was happy I did so.

One of the odd things about being an introvert is that whilst I crave peace and solitude, I do get lonely at times, and wish for the company of another person. Sometimes I can visit a friend, or call someone. Other times, I may not have that luxury, so I either meditate, or listen to music.

On the flip side of the coin, there are times when I wish I was alone, such as being at work, or when I am using public transit. I love when my co-worker is not in the office so I do not have to listen to the radio with all the fast talking commercials that overwhelm my patience, or his constant sneezing that keeps me off balance due to his allergies. Meetings and conferences are the worst. I always sought out a remote area where there will be less people. Makes me wonder how did I ever survive riding the subway at rush hour many moons ago.

There was one incident in 1991 when I was working at an office building in NYC. News of the L.A. riots were only 24 hours old, and there was a panic that it would happen here. I have no idea how that even started. Probably the fault of the media over hyping the Rodney King incident. So people started leaving work early and it was only after 12 noon. My office closed early too. I didn’t understand what was going on, but I was glad to be going home during the off peak hours. I accompanied a few friends to the nearby subway station, and I was excited that Evelyn was with us. I had a huge crush on her, and she had no idea. I did tell her eventually, but her reaction left me with mixed feelings.

When we reached the subway station, the mezzanine was so crowded that only a few people were allowed down to the platform at a time. I had never seen so many people. I easily could have gone into a panic, but I didn’t want to look like a nervous wreck in front of Evelyn. We finally made it to the platform, and it was beyond packed. All the eastbound trains were too crowded for me to even take a chance on. No standing room whatsoever. So I relied on a seasoned subway rider trick to get a seat: take the next downtown train all the way down to the last station, which was East Broadway, and get an uptown train there. A downtown train pulled in, and we piled on. I think she got off the train before me. Little did I realise that I would never see her again. I did get a seat on an uptown train. Good thing the A/C was working because I knew the train would be packed by the time it reached Midtown.

These days, I’m never alone because the spirits are always talking to me. It happens because I have matched my vibration with theirs. They even say good morning when the alarm goes off. But I hate it when they use my full time.

If you are feeling alone, you are welcome to talk to me here, or in private. If you are feeling depressed and alone, I can help you with that too. No, I’m not a miracle worker. Just someone who knows how it feels, and someone who can bring you peace. Thanks for reading my post. Sat Nam.

One thought on “You Don’t Have To Feel Alone

  1. Having someone to talk to is always a plus. But I too enjoy a little down time alone to gather my thoughts and find some much needed peace. Bright Blessings to you my friend!

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