Regular vs. Decaffeinated Coffee Drinkers

Recently, I read an article that was about how decaf coffee contains some caffeine, and it described the caffeine extraction process. The author dropped not so subtle hints that he does not like those of us who prefer to drink decaf. That made me rather cross, and I wish to illustrate my reasons as to why I prefer decaf.

First of all, I am a seasonal coffee drinker. I don’t touch it in the spring for summer. Only the fall and winter. Most people like doughnut shop coffee, which is way too strong for me. I cannot drink it because it will literally make me sick. I prefer flavoured coffee and lattes. The current favourite is the K-Cup Cappuccino flavour that is available at Wal-Mart.

Unlike most people who need that first cup of coffee in the morning, I have tea during the week. On the weekends, I can have a latte, or flavoured coffee. Many moons ago, I used to drink either Coke or Pepsi to keep me awake at work. After having two surgeries for kidney rocks, the nephrologist warned me not to drink any more colas. I have not touched Coke or Pepsi since 2008. Due to my high blood pressure, it is best for me to stay away from stimulants.

I prefer decaf because I drink it at night after work. I already have insomnia during the week, and caffeinated coffee will keep me up all night. Mom recently bought a giant box of Breakfast Blend Decaf coffee last week, and wanted me to try it. Even with French Vanilla creamer, or evaporated milk, it is way too bitter for me. She thinks I am not using enough water. I always select a medium cup on the Keurig. That’s plenty of water for me.

This regular coffee versus decaf coffee drinkers bias reminds me of similar biases. “Old head” truck drivers who drive a manual versus those who drive automatics, who are called “steering wheel holders.” Jamaicans like mom and I who like spicy jerk seasoning, whilst some Americans prefer the mild version. Those who prefer regular beer versus diet. The list goes on and on. The point I am trying to make is that the article was about how caffeine is removed from the coffee beans, and how much caffeine is left over in decaf coffee. The author could have kept his bias to himself.

It is worth noting that I used to drink black, regular coffee many moons ago. As time went on, my tastes and preferences obviously changed. When flavoured coffees were introduced, I thought the idea was simply preposterous. Now, it is the only kind of coffee that my stomach can tolerate.

The bottom line is: everyone is different. Let us all remember that as we go about our travels. If we all looked the same, and liked the same things, life would be boring. Thanks for reading my post. Sat Nam.

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