A Right To Bear Arms

For years, I was unsure about the whole gun debate thing. I was siding with elected officials who wanted to take the guns away from citizens.  I took notice as to why the gun owners were upset. I was angry with them, but I sympathised with them. Take the guns away, and crime will go away.  Yeah, I actually believed that.

I play Doom on my laptop. It is a very old  game that has lots of violence and monsters, with seven different weapons to choose from: pistol, shotgun, double barrel shotgun, chain gun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher, and the BFG 9000.  I know what weapon is most effective for a specific demon or monster. Oh sure, I can punch the monsters too, but I would be no match against a giant spider demon that is equipped with a machine gun using just my fists. Either the BFG or the rocket launcher would be needed to kill it.

So I was against guns, but I play a game that uses guns. Hypocrite with a capital H, and an idiot for believing that getting guns off the streets would deter crime.

But then, my views started to change for the better. I was researching the Bill of Rights for an assignment in college many moons ago, and one of the amendments jumped out at me:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

 It resonated strongly with me. This was way before the current gun debate even started.  Why should the government take guns away from responsible owners? By doing so, the rights of every gun owner are being infringed upon by our own government!

I hast mentioned in a previous post that since our elected officials seem more interested  in siding with the criminals rather than protecting the voters that elected them to office. Frankly, I see the government as a member of the Orion Syndicate.  Without our guns, WE, THE PEOPLE, are powerless! This is what the criminals want. Since our elected officials and the Democrats see things differently, its up to us to protect each other.

What really solidified my view about guns was conversations with my twin flame and best friend Melissa. She hast shared YouTube video’s with me that talk about gun control, and the possible repercussions. Did you know that even if you have a gun permit, you cannot be in possession of a firearm in Connecticut? A friend in Kansas recently had her gun confiscated by the police.  She only keeps it for protection because she lives in a bad neighbourhood. 

Whilst musing about the gun control debate, I had an epiphany:  A gun is just an inanimate object until I give it energy.  Which means loading it with ammunition, aiming it at a target, and pulling the trigger. Therefore, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. 

Believe it or not, that adage caused a conundrum with me. Such a simple statement, and I didn’t understand it.  If a gun is in someone’s hand, and that person shoots at someone to kill him, then guns kill people., right?  That was my previous way of thinking. So now I understand,  and I also understand what the after-mentioned Orion Syndicate, aka our government and the Democrats, are doing.  Leaving the citizens without weapons so that the criminals can hast free reign. Also makes it easier for government operatives to take out anyone who resists their iron fist rule.  I wouldst rather die with honour that live under the rule of a fascist government that rewards criminals and kills whistle-blowers.

Many moons ago, I had a vision about some kind of revolution. The people were fed up with being oppressed by their government, and it sparked a rebellion. Seems like the vision is coming true. I dost not know whether to be happy or sad. I know there’s a side of me that craves war and chaos. I dost not wish for it, but if it happens, so be it. We cannot let the syndicate violate our right to bear arms as they see fit.  Fascism? Not on my watch.  Sat Nam. 



The Federal government is the number one killer and destroyer of black leaders.

-Professor Griff





One thought on “A Right To Bear Arms

  1. I concur, the law abiding gun citizens of America should not have their 2A rights threatened, because once the government has their way, we will all be sitting ducks. I refuse to be a target… for anyone.

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