First Week On The New Job

My last day at work was bittersweet. The office had a small party in my honour. I was a bit teary because I got a few parting gifts. One was a picture of King Tut that was printed on real papyrus. I still hast not hung it up yet because I dost not want to put any holes in the walls. I will have to get those hooks that use adhesive, or I might use double sided tape. It might not hold because the picture is a bit heavy, but I’ll work something out. I plan on staying in touch.

This past Tuesday and Wednesday, I was at orientation all day. I learned a few things, like the correct way to wash my hands, some history about the company, a synopsis about benefits and perks, and the knowledge that Day Hab has a gym in the basement that is accessible to all employees.  I will not need to use it since I have one in my complex. I’m still waiting for one more letter of recommendation. I will have to see if my friend can get that letter out to me this week because HR needs it.

What I love about this job is that the yard is not far from me. All short trip driving. No more long hauls every morning on the expressway and dealing with bumper to bumper rush hour traffic. No more spending $40/week or so on gas. One tank can last for a week, if I don’t have any medical appointments. That’s a beautiful thing.

I started driving this past Thursday. I was assigned  I call a gas giant, or a cutaway bus.  My right foot commands a 6.8 litre V10 engine instead of the usual 6.4 litre diesel, which has proven to be a troublesome engine in years past. All of the buses in the fleet are petrol. Probably because diesel costs more than petrol, and no one wants to bother with the emissions problems and diesel exhaust fluid, which is basically urea mixed with water.  I was so nervous about driving a bus again. I started late, but I finished at a decent time. I have a matron that rides with me who makes sure the clients remains at ease, and shows me were to turn. I’m started to learn the route, and I am feeling more comfortable behind the wheel. I pick up at four different programs, as opposed to three that I was used to.  I remember when I was driving the forty footer at the old job in heavy traffic, one of my quips used to be: I make it look easy, but it ain’t easy.  This bus is a 17 footer, but I’m careful not to let overconfidence take hold, and end up doing something stupid. A running joke is that the fleet  number of my bus is 205, and I remember when I was driving at the old job, there was a driver who was a radio hog, and drove a bus with the same fleet number. Every morning and afternoon, it was 205 to base to have them call the house that on a dead end street to  either bring the client to the bus, or send someone to pick him up from the bus because the driver did not want to back down the narrow street. I remember 205; she was a big bus. She probably went to scrap after the company was bought out by Suffolk Transit.

I was reluctant to tell a friend that I work at this organisation because she is a former employee who was injured on the job many moons ago. I thought mentioning it would bring back bad memories, but she is actually happy for me. I was glad I could dry her tears for the moment. Yesterday, her avian friend that was by her side for 22 years and three marriages passed on. She was so heartbroken. Even my guide was unable to console her. I felt bad about that. Perhaps I need to let her grief run its course.

The one thing that bothers me is that I will be losing my current insurance at the end of the month. I will not qualify for the new insurance for three months. I just refilled a script, and the next one without insurance will only cost me nine dollars. I hope I don’t have any medical emergencies during those three months.  I have not been to the gym for maybe three weeks because I have been tired, then I had oral surgery last week, and I was feeling woozy from the painkiller. I needed to exercise, and that’s what I did this morning after a yoga session. I felt so much better after yoga. Perhaps all the tension was the reason why I felt so unmotivated.

I had no idea that schools were closed last week. It explains why the streets have been so quiet. Next week will be the real test. Heavy traffic, school zones, being delayed by cheese buses. Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me sick.  I will have to learn their schedules and avoid them. It is not as easy as it sounds. I can’t wait for summer when they stop running.  Meanwhile, time for me to get ready for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. Sat Nam.


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