Women and Self Esteem

I saw a post on Facebook that illustrated how difficult it is to be a woman during these difficult times. Women feel pressured to conform to the archaic rules of society in order to fit in, thanks to the media, and modelling agencies that would like a prospective model to be thin; almost to the point of looking emaciated. So let us get into this.

I have noticed that women in general can be catty to one another. A woman can have a thin, obese, athletic, or full figured body, and someone will seek to tear her down. The same thing applies to whatever she is wearing, her hair and makeup, even down to her shoes, whether it is trainers, heels, wedges, flats, or flip flops. She could be fighting a battle that no one knows about, and this is her way of raising energy. We need to be kind to one another. We’re living in difficult times. The majority of us are working hard so we can have our happy ending. Well, except for those who are too lazy to get a job, but are perfectly content on staying home and collecting unemployment because it pays more. A kind word can be the difference between putting a smile on her face, or crying on the shoulder of her best friend because her feelings are being ignored.

Women like to feel pretty, and sometimes they need to be reminded of that. They don’t necessarily dress for men. They dress for themselves. They want to feel sexy, they want to feel relevant, they want to feel attractive. But no matter how much time a woman spends on her hair, makeup, and outfit, it seems that it is never good enough for other women. Is this a competition as to who wears it better? Everyone has different body types. The same dress will look different on two women. How they look in the dress depends on who’s looking. Everyone will have a different perspective hence the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

My sister seems to be an inspiration to other women, as she gets compliments about her hair and makeup, or her outfit when she is antiquing at the thrift stores. I have never seen another woman act catty toward her. Good thing, because she is no wall flower. Her husband tells her she’s beautiful on occasion, and that’s a good thing. Men sometimes stare at her, like she’s a supermodel on the red carpet! She’s used to it, but it can be unsettling, especially when he’s standing there like a zombie and not paying any attention to what is going on.

To be fair, not all women have self esteem issues. I have friends who are perfectly happy with the way they look, the clothes they wear, and they don’t care what anyone says. They wear whatever they want, and they say what’s on their mind. So they don’t look like supermodels. Who cares? They are being themselves. I always say “be the person you were meant to be, because the person I see is most beautiful to me.” I know one friend who will not think twice about wearing short shorts in the summer, and she doesn’t care who gets offended.

My message here is to be kind to everyone, not just women. And my printer is acting up again. I think there is a spirit that is letting me know that she’s watching over me. But back to my point. Everyone is going through something that none of us know about. I have a few friends that suffer from PTSD, but you wouldn’t know it unless they told you. A kind word, or a smile can go a long way. So please, let us stop tearing other people down. Let’s build them up! Be the change you want to see in the world.

If anyone is remotely interested in merch, I’m working on a collaboration to feature an online store. Two shirts went out yesterday and I ordered two more for another customer. I hope this is the beginning of something wonderful. I have worked so hard to make all this happen. Anyway, stay tuned for the next blog post, and thanks for reading this post.

Be Your Greatest Version

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