Look What I Found

I discovered this campaign video for Cicely Davis on YouTube yesterday. She says all the right things, and I agree with her, but I can’t help but compare it to Kim Klacik’s campaign video. She said the same things about Baltimore, made more or less the same promises, and she turned out to be a fraud. You will have to forgive me for being a bit cynical about Cicely. I have never heard of her. Is she working for the demon rats to undermine the black community and promote a racial divide? All I can say it watch the video below and you make the call. I’m not totally onboard…..yet.

I find this next article posted below to be quite refreshing. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs have made vaccinations mandatory for this employees, and that mandate is being challenged by a public interest law firm. It is so good to see that this firm is standing up for the rights of the employees. Our very own Governor Cuomo, aka “Prince Andrew,” made vaccinations mandatory for all state employees. I sincerely hope that requirement gets challenged also. He fancies himself as some kind of dictator who can do whatever he wants, and doesn’t care about the rights of WE, THE PEOPLE.

My kilt has finally arrived. Why do I need one, you ask? Because the girlfriend is Scottish, and she wants me to wear it. I would be happy to wear it for her. I do have ties to the UK. My task now is to find kilt boots to go with it. But there are such a huge array of choices, and I am very picky. There is one that I like, but I can’t find it on Etsy or Amazon at least. The irony is that these boots are brown, which is my least favourite colour, but it has skull buckles. That is a deal maker in my book. The pic came from Pinterest. I don’t like any of the ones I have seen thus far. Now I know what women go through when they go shoe shopping. So the quest for kilt boots continues.

I was finally able to sleep last night. I think the difference was that I took a pain reliever before bed since I was tired and sore, and I turned on the A/C. I must have been out cold because I don’t remember the sound machine turning itself off. I woke up after two and set it for another hour. I really want it to play all night, but it turns itself off, even if I don’t set the timer. It annoys me, but oh well. So I wasn’t as bedraggled as I was yesterday. I was able to do my yoga. I’ll do the same thing tonight and see what happens.

Finally, received a call from a job that I had applied for, and she requested that I send my resume since I did not submit one with the application. It needed to be updated. I uploaded it two days ago, and not a word so far. Guess I can write that job off. There are two more offers for me to consider, but they are not the right fit. I HATE turning down job offers since I am unhappy in the current job, but I will not be any happier as a school bus driver. I growl at them all morning for putting me behind schedule. And I’ll never forget how I was almost in a wreck because of a school bus that entered the highway at a crawl and cars were piled up behind it. Its a miracle that my car didn’t end up in the weeds as a smoking pile of rearranged sheet metal.

Thanks for reading my post. Please like and/or comment. Have a great day and Be Your Greatest Version.

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