The Mind of a Marxist

I have been ruminating about writing this post because I really need to sound off about what’s going on. If I may, I wish to do a role play with you to help you understand what drives Marxists and Democratic Socialists. So to get you warmed up, watch this video. I wonder if this so called anti-racist professional actually believes what she is saying.

Okay, so let’s role play here. You will assume the role of their target demographic; which is a white male who makes $80K/year, married, has more than one house and a expensive car(s). I will play the role of a Marxist. So for convenience sake, let’s pretend that I have implanted a false logic into your mind that you owe us the black community reparations for your part in helping to enslave black people. You’re convinced that you indeed owe reparations, and you wish to know how you can help. So I, being the Marxist, explain how you can help, “redistribute the wealth.”

Okay, I see that you have a BMW 535i, a Toyota Prius, and a Mercedes E300 in your driveway. Give me the Mercedes. I always wanted to travel in style.

You have 5000 shares of Netflix stock? Give me half of those shares.

In addition to your residence, you have a house in the Hamptons, and a house in Florida. Give me the Florida house, and I hope it has its own boat slip.

Of course, at some point, this doesn’t sound like redistributing the wealth, so you start to protest. My answer to that is you’re a racist! Then I would go into some song and dance about what you’re doing is proving to me that you’re “anti-racist,” you’ll feel better about yourself, blah, blah, blah. So I continue with two more demands.

You’re making $80K/year, so give me half of your monthly income.

You own rental properties, and you’re collecting rent from tenants. Give me half of the collected rent money and half the rental properties.

We’re done. I thank you profusely, and assure you that you have done your part to prove that you’re not a racist, and you are truly sorry for enslaving black people. My words wouldn’t count since I would have my fingers crossed behind my back.

So as I’m sitting on a Florida beach sipping on champagne and enjoying my newfound wealth, I’m patting myself on the back for implanting a false narrative in your mind to make you feel guilty, and willingly give me half of your possessions with no intentions on helping anyone in the black community.

Are you mad yet?

If so, good! You should be mad! This is their idea of redistributing wealth. They use the plight of black people and create some cock and bull narrative about how they owe reparations to the black community, but they take it for themselves. Its not rob from the rich and give to the poor. It is more like take from the rich and keep the money for themselves The black community has not seen a dime from BLM; even though they have a few millions in the bank, and are being very deceptive when asked about how this money is being spent.

All this Marxist stuff bring to mind a former friend who I kicked off my friends list last year for being a proud socialist and, apparently a Marxist who embraces redistributing the wealth. She had said that it will bring equality to close the income gaps. If she was still around, my question to her would be: if socialism is so great, how come everyone is not doing it?

Here’s a better idea for redistributing the wealth: why not give back to the community? Suppose you’re at the market, and you see someone counting out pennies at the cashier for a few needed items. Pay for his/her purchase. Or how about if you’re in the McDonald’s or Wendy’s drive thru, pay for your order, and the order for the person behind you. Better yet, if you’re a tradesman or tradeswoman, and a senior citizen needs repairs on their HVAC system, but he/she does not have the money due to a fixed income. Take care of it and don’t charge them a dime, or offer a discounted price.

So don’t let these Marxists con you into believing you owe reparations. Its just a way to separate a fool from his money and possessions. If BLM was really helping the black community, there would be no reason for me to write this post.

Before I close out this blog, I wanted to share another video that has me a bit shaken, but it doesn’t surprise me.

Scary Stuff

Thanks for reading this post. Please like and comment if you are so inclined. Have a good rest of the week.

Fight the Power.

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