Complex Fire Update

After the fire was knocked down, I went back inside since it was cold, my nose had turned into a faucet, and I had cleaning to do. Whilst I was taking out the trash in the late afternoon, I noticed the U-Haul in the parking lot and people placing their belongings inside from the pile that was on the grass. They must have been the tenants of the fire damaged apartment. I have never seen them before. Or maybe I did at some point, but I didn’t know they lived there. I always wondered who owned the small Ford runabout. Now I know. I guess that after I left, they showed up and gathered what possessions could be salvaged from the apartment before maintenance came and boarded up the place.

After my morning shift yesterday, I walked over to the damaged apartment and I could clearly see how bad it was. The area was cordoned off with caution tape. I didn’t want to get too close and look like some gawker, but I did take a few snaps that you can see at the bottom. The tenants from next door were busy removing their belongings, and I wanted to be respectful and keep my distance rather than poke around like I’m the fire inspector. They have no power. The meter for both apartments was mounted on the storage shed, which is now a burned out hulk. I feel bad for them. I hope they had renters insurance.

As of today, the belongings of the displaced tenants are still on the grass, but it has been roped off. The caution tape was removed. I have not seen the Ford runabout all day. If they don’t return for the rest of their stuff, maintenance will surely put it in the garbage. Reminds me of someone who got evicted. The maintenance guys were on scene today accessing the damage. A part of the siding fell off the shed, and I can see the Tyvek underneath.

The charred smell of the apartment reminds me of the time I ran away from home when I was 12 and spent a chilly night in the burned out cab of a truck. The seat was untouched, but everything else was either burned, or had melted off. I’ll never forget the smell. And my favourite hoodie still reeks of smoke, so it will go into the hamper to await laundry night.

Here are two pictures of the scene.

A sample of the cast iron ornaments that was present on the patio

That’s all for the updates. Thank you for reading my post. Comments are always welcome. Have a good week.

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