One Small Step For Free Speech

No doubt my former friend Socialist Sophie would be unhappy with this latest turn of events since she was so glad that free speech was dead here in the United States. But with Elon acquiring Twitter, this is a victory for free speech! One of my friends was banned from the platform because of her posts about QAnon, but hopefully she will be reinstated once the deal goes through. I had left Twitter way before they went woke and started banning people for speaking the truth, but I am considering going back now that Elon will be taking out the trash. I’m even considering buying a few shares of Twitter, providing the stock price doesn’t crash through the ceiling. And already the leftists are crying and threating to go to Canada. Didn’t they make the same threat if Trump became president? I didn’t see any of them trying to run the Canadian border. That’s leftists for you. When they don’t get their way, they want to cry and run away. Children. They all act like children who have never seen the business end of a belt.

I’m glad he did not enter into a hostile takeover. It would have gotten ugly quickly on both sides. Twitter did adopt a poison pill strategy to stop him. To do a hostile takeover, you would have to buy up all the outstanding shares of stock, which would make you the largest shareholder, and potential CEO of the company. A poison pill means shares would be offered to current stockholders at a discount once a certain threshold is reached. I remember I used to be well versed in hostile takeovers when I was a messenger in NYC in the 1990’s. I knew all the big firms like Paine Webber, Simon and Schuster, Random House, Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette, American Express, to name a few. The Financial District was my favourite place to be, and the Wall Street Journal was my preferred daily to read on the way to work, like I was this financial wizard, or some bigshot investor.

I ran into this article whilst looking for something else. Something is wrong here. I don’t know what is it, but something is not right. I’m not saying that MTG is a fraud because I like her. I’m unsettled about this article. I know the democraps want to throw her out of office for speaking the truth. It doesn’t matter to me if she believes in QAnon or not. I don’t know what to make of it. I’ll let you make the call.

Then I see this on Instagram:

I don’t get it. Seems like Twitter will continue with their censoring ways until Elon takes the helm. I hope she gets reinstated.

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