Baby Formula Shortage

So I wanted to get this off my chest because I need to speak on it. It seems to me that Biden and his criminal cohorts are buying formula in bulk for the illegal immigrants, and every mother in America who has a baby, or babies to feed, can just feel bad that they cannot get any. At least my cousin’s rug rat can now switch to whole milk. She just got the official word from her pediatrician.

Here is what I was thinking: The manufacturers of formula could collaborate with the big online retailers, like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target, et al, to make formula available to the general public. They have their own trucks and distribution centers. Don’t sell any to the government. Just say laters to them. If they won’t put WE, THE PEOPLE first, then we have to put ourselves and our children first. Biden and his leftist goons have demonstrated that they will continue to put immigrants first, and give us the collective middle finger.

In the meantime, there are recipes online to make homemade baby formula using evaporated milk as a base, but it is for emergencies only. Homemade formula does not have the right balance of nutrients that a baby will need to grow and develop properly. I also think about how all mammals in the animal kingdom can nurse their young, but not all human females can nurse their young. I think that is cruel. And we won’t even go down the rabbit hole of mothers who are MTF transgendered women and FTM transgendered men.

The Post article seems to have been written by a leftist columnist. And I remember when the New York Times was a well respected daily. Now, it is a rag that prints propaganda. I don’t believe anything they try to pass off as factual information. If I had became a journalist many moons ago, I would have followed the path of Ivory Hecker and leave mainstream media. There is no way I could write articles that are outright lies to deceive readers.

That’s all I have to say for now. Thanks for reading my post. Comments welcome. Stay tuned for the next entry.

One thought on “Baby Formula Shortage

  1. The baby formula and all the other issue happening right now shows that the Biden administration does not have the best interest for the American people

    Those poor mothers not able to get formula for their babies. My mom has to buy and mail out formula for a relative who unable to find any.


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