Move It

So you guys may remember that in a previous post, I commented about three families that were evicted from my apartment complex in July. Well, this past Friday, I was able to bear witness to yet another resident being forcefully removed from their domicile.

I was already parked and filling out what seems to be endless paperwork, when I noticed two cars from the county sheriff’s office pass by, and park two buildings away from mine.

That’s not good.

The only reason for them to be on the property is to do evictions. I have been down that road many times, and seeing a sheriff’s car always gives me a sense of dread. My fears were confirmed when one of the maintenance guys showed up. My guess is the tenant was not home, and maintenance came to open the door. From my vantage point, I could see the deputies standing in front of the apartment in question. I didn’t stick around for the unpleasantries, and no, I didn’t take pictures. I knew what was coming next.

As I was leaving for the afternoon shift, I couldn’t see to make a right turn out of my complex because the sheriff’s cars were parked at the curb, and two city vans were parked on the grass unloading a lot of furniture and belongings. My heart sank. I hate to see people get evicted. For a brief moment, it brought back memories of when I was evicted from my condo many moons ago. All my stuff was sitting outside for everyone to see. I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and defeated.

As I passed my complex whilst running my route, I saw people picking through the belongings. I know not if those were the tenants, or opportunists. There was so much stuff that I started to wonder if they were hoarders. I remember that the people who lived in the apartment in my building that caught fire a few months ago has so much junk on the patio and the garden. Other than removing fire damaged possessions and removing what was left of the storage shed, nothing has been done thus f

The hoarding theory gained momentum when I returned home, and I saw a dump box that was full of the belongings that was sitting in the grass earlier. That is the first time I have ever seen that happen. Usually, if someone gets evicted, the stuff stays in the grass until the former tenants collect it. For maintenance to put everything in a dump box implies it was all junk, and management didn’t want to get a code violation from the town for illegal dumping. The box is still there and it is full. I guess Maggio Sanitation will collect it either today or later in the week.

Meanwhile in California, the COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium has been extended again, but with some changes, as explained here:

Personally, I think the people who qualify for eviction protection are looking to be able to stay in the apartment or home rent free thanks to squatters rights; providing they can prove they lived in the home or on the property for X amount of months/years. Housing Court will most likely side with the tenant. But the rules are different for each state.

Landlords are complaining that they are facing hardship. Even though a tenant may not be paying rent due to the eviction moratorium, the landlord still has to provide heat, hot water, and electricity. How can they do that when they have no rental income, or a limited income? I say these tenants may end up being homeless anyway if the landlord decides to sell the house, or declare bankruptcy.

My Patriot friend shared the following video with me, and it is so compelling that I want you guys to watch. It starts off with horrid truths, but it gets better toward the end. I promise you that. If I was in the audience, I would have stood up and saluted the man. Say what you want about Trump, but I GUARAN-DAMN-TEE you will never, EVER, hear the Dictator For Life, aka Biden, make a speech like that.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading my post, and staying with me for this far. Comments are always welcome. Stay tuned for the next post. I already have one in mind. Have a good day/night.

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