Paedophile in the White House

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Introvert Soapbox. Life has been crazy here for the past few days. I have so much news to talk about but I know not as to where to start. I’ll start with the most obvious one, and the one that has been on my mind the most.

This was my feel good moment when I first heard it. I was discussing this with my Patriot friend, and we’re glad that Trump is taking the FBI to court. His civil rights were violated. They waited until he left the premises to do the search, his lawyers were not present, they rummaged through Melania’s belongs, and they took items that were not relevant to the alleged investigation, like his passport; but that was returned to him. He should have added AG Merrick Garland, the DOJ, and the Biden administration to the lawsuit. I honestly believe that he should start wearing a bullet proof vest, riding in an armoured limo, and be surrounded by commandos in full body armour with AR-15’s. Listen, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Left hates him so much that murder is not off the table. The only reason why they have not made an attempt on his life is because they want him to be dragged into court for his alleged crimes during, and post presidency.

Two men plotted to kidnap the Michigan Governor, and I believe the same thing could happen to Trump. I have shown you video(s) that illustrates how deranged the Leftists can be. I would not put a kidnapping attempt past them. NOTHING is off the table.

Before I go into my Fauci diatribe, do you remember him saying that he will not step down? Look at the article below.

That was from last year. And almost a year later, Doctor Quack decides to step down because of fears that the Republicans will take over. Coward. I would like to paint a yellow line down his back. Well, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky promises to hold him accountable once the Republicans are in power. I can hardly wait. I would like to see Fauci hung up by his donkey ears.

I watched this video, and I find it to be very troubling. A history major who does not know who was the 16th president? Or when the Declaration of Independence was signed? That’s insane! We are slowly transforming into a nation of stupid! How can we call ourselves Americans if we don’t know our history? I bet those same students couldn’t tell me why do we celebrate July 4th. This is not the first video I have seen where college students were shown to be completely clueless about basic United States history. Well, at least I gave a certain girl who is now a 14 year old teen a push in the right direction without all the woke and leftist crap, and she’s rising to the top.

In the meantime, my patriotic sister posted this on her page. I knew the Dictator for Life was lying when he said he had nothing to do with the raid.

I originally found the above video on Facebook, but I loathe to share Facebook links because no preview is offered, and I am unable to make the link bigger for those who are visually challenged. It is worth the watch.

Well. No wonder the Dictator, or Paedophile for Life, did not want the contents of this diary to get out. As the father of a daughter who has experience trauma, this is beyond disgusting! I always wondered what was in the diary that the Left wanted to keep hidden. She is obviously the victim of sexual abuse. Showering with his daughter! BTW, kids take baths, not showers. This creep, needs to be impeached and be brought up on charges, and so does that wannabe hooker Jill. This is like those times when I’m watching Jerry Springer or Steve Wilkos where the boyfriend is accused of molesting the child of his girlfriend, and despite the evidence, she chooses to be with him rather than leave. Anyway, Biden is a sick sub-human. A degenerate creep who has to be touchy feely with girls and sniff their hair to get a woody. Wouldn’t surprise me if Jill is a wannabe paedophile too. Birds of a feather get off on child porn together. Btw, I know the sound is low, so you will have to turn up your volume to the max to hear it.

As usual, Olive Oyl, aka Occasional Cortex, aka the AOC, is running her mouth, and she makes a Freudian slip. By now, we know that the protestors were let in by the police. Sometimes I wish she would fall through an open manhole. Accidents happen. Whooops.

I’ll leave you guys with this final video that my PF shared with me. It looks hopeless for this country at the moment, but these United States of America will rise again from the ashes of evil. But its up to WE, THE PEOPLE, to take a stand against the Left, Marxism, and Communism. So thanks for reading this post. I hope you find it informative, if not inspiring. Comments are welcome. Have a good day/evening/night.

2 thoughts on “Paedophile in the White House

  1. In the news recently California is going to place a banned on gas run cars. WTF. Electric cars still need fossil fuel to run. Plus you has to dig deeper into the Earth to get rare elements to make these electric cars.
    I wish a hug earthquake will happen so a big chunk of California will fall into the ocean just to stare us all from this lunacy.

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    1. What really bothers me is that other blue states could follow their lead like sheep to a slaughterhouse. And refining lithium to make batteries for Tesla cars are toxic to the environment. And I agree with you about California falling into the ocean.


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