Stupid Is as Stupid Does

By now, you probably know that Commie-fornia has banned petrol car sales starting in 2035. I was saying how can they switch to electric vehicles when the state keeps experiencing brown outs? So when I first saw this in the news, it gave me the giggles because I knew it was coming. Now here’s something else you may not know. Look below.

So once again, this flawed logic has brought my brain to a standstill. Their electrical grid is as strong as toilet paper, and rolling brown outs happen on a daily basis. Common sense would dictate that the grid be repaired, or overhauled first if electrical demand will exceed its limitations. I do not understand why California does things that makes zero sense. I guess that is how Leftists operate. Their thought process is alien to me. But, I may have some insight, thanks to PragerU.

It is called feelings over facts. It feels good to drive an electric car, and not depend on gasoline, or diesel. In your mind, you’re being environmentally friendly, reducing your carbon foot print, and you save money on gas and repairs. Never mind the cons, which I will illustrate below. It just feel good. And in NY, electric cars are allowed in the HOV lane even if the car is carrying no passengers.

The reality is that the operating cost for that electric car per mile is more than a petrol car. If the car needs service, you can only go to the dealership, and they charge a lot more than an independent shop. Refining the lithium used to create the batteries is environmentally unfriendly. Don’t forget that at some point, the battery will need to be replaced, and that can be an expensive endeavour, as the owner of a 2012 Chevy Volt has realised in the article below.

And I found this article about Teslas and the voltage requirements for different models.

I read somewhere that there could be a shortage of lithium. I did some poking around and this is what I found below.

Whilst perusing Facebook, I was reading the comments about a post on electric cars, and one commenter posted that this push toward electric vehicles is all about control. That stopped me in my tracks and made me think. And my ex would probably say with what? The only thing in your head is dust! Just a little levity to give you a giggle. Anyway, an electric vehicle (EV) is basically a computer on wheels. If a hacker can take control of the car, so can the government. If you have been declared an enemy of the state, a government operative could hack into the computer, command it to lock the doors, take control of the car, and crash it. Make it look like it was a computer glitch that caused the fatality.

However, there is a renewed interest in nuclear energy. Whilst it is clean energy, I worry about what to do with the spent fuel rods. They can remain radioactive for decades. How would we dispose of them? Can we dispose of them, short of encasing them in concrete and storing them underground. You can’t bury them like residential trash.

There is a decommissioned power plant here called the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant. It was pushed through despite community objections, and all of us residents are paying for the cost of building it through taxes and surcharges on the electric bill. Even though the plant itself is in a isolated location, and access is via a private road, there are residential neighbourhoods abound. If there was a meltdown that resembled the Chernobyl disaster, the radioactive cloud could envelop the whole island, and the death toll would rise steadily.

Meanwhile, the MTA in NYC wants to convert their entire fleet of diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG) and diesel hybrid transit buses to battery electric. Some are already in service and so far, they seem to be doing well. Whilst the constant stop and go in crosstown service keep the battery charged, they still require charging at their terminals. The range depends on the weather, and whether A/C is being used. I guess the big shots are oblivious to the threat of battery fires that I have seen happen. Maybe they should invest in an onboard fire suppression system for the battery electrics. I don’t like the idea of electric buses. What are the supervisors and suits going to do in the winter when the temperature drops to single digits, and the batteries can’t hold a charge long enough to run the lights and the heat; and it will not be cheap to replace those batteries when the warranty is up. Just like how it is not cheap to replace the tanks on CNG buses.

I know not about this world anymore. Stupidity seems to be taking over. Common sense is a thing of the past. I’m surprised there are no warning labels on car batteries that say Don’t drink the Acid. POISON! All I can do is shake my head. At least I don’t hear marbles rattling around. Thanks for reading this blog. Comments are always welcome. Have a good day/evening/night.

One thought on “Stupid Is as Stupid Does

  1. I doubt that electric cars will be very useful because during a lot of rain, it seems we could get easily shocked. As far as Roe vs Wade, if a mom’s life is in danger, I think the pregnancy should be terminated. Also, if a young girl gets pregnant from incest or rape, she should have the right to terminate the pregnancy. However, I don’t think that we should abort babies just because the timing is inconvenient. Back to cars again, it seems if we can send men to the moon, we could come up with a better plan than electric cars.

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