A Few Words about Meghan Markle

Meghan and her antics have been burning a hole in in my chest for a few months now. I have talked about her with my Patriot friend many times, and I have been chomping at the bit to write a post about her. I’m on the fence as to her personality. Sometimes she seems like a nice woman, other times she’s taking cheap shots at the Royal Family. I find that her portrait on the cover of The Cut magazine to be creepy. Maybe I can use it as a Halloween decoration.

I have listened to her Archetypes podcast on Spotify where did interviews with Serena Williams and Mariah Carey. I thought both of them were good, but I wish she would stop droning on when the podcast starts. All she has to do is introduce herself, do a synopsis about the topic, talk about odds and ends, do the ad break, come back, introduce the guest, and do the interview. Her latest podcast featured Mindy Kaling. I listened to it today, and it was wonderful. It also helps that I love Mindy and her show called The Mindy Project. The podcast brought up an interesting conversation about how women are judged because society expects them to get married and start a family by a certain age. If a woman has children out of wedlock and is a single parent, it is looked down upon. Mindy is single and has two children, so you can imagine the stink eye she must get from other women. I don’t think it is fair. If a woman wants to remain childless and single, that is her choice. There is no rule that says she must be married and have children. My mom was a single parent, but no one dared to judge her. One does not talk trash about a six foot Jamaican woman who was very strong and looked intimidating.

My sister and I are descendants of royalty, but she despises her more than I do. Her and her husband, Prince Harry, who is one of Princess Diana’s sons act more like entitled commoners than royals. So, for the purposes of this article, I hereby strip them of their titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and refer to her and simply Meg. And for the record, only the Queen can rescind their titles.

When Meg married Prince Harry, she had three strikes against her: She’s an American, a biracial woman, and a commoner. Or four strikes if you consider her an actress. She appeared on an episode of Lucifer and I thought she was good. Anyway, there has never been a black, or biracial woman that has been inducted into royalty, so she made history. Of course, there were a lot of racial slurs directed at her, and I found it disgusting. But she could have used that opportunity to rise above hate and racism to become a right proper Duchess. Of course, that did not happen.

Let me explain about life as a royal in general. This is only a generalisation. I am not privy as to what actually happens in Buckingham Palace. First of all, everything is scripted. You cannot do as you please, say what you want, or wear what you want. There are protocols and rules in place that one MUST follow. You are to always conduct yourself with the proper decorum. You sacrifice some freedom and privacy for the privilege of being one of the elite members of British society. In the case of Meg having racial slurs thrown at her when she met the British public and the media for the first time, all she had to do was continue to smile and wave, then bring her concerns to the Queen, and a plan would be drafted by whoever is in charge of dealing with the media. Perhaps she would be told to address the media and the crowd using a prepared speech, or a press conference might be arranged.

The disgraceful interview with Oprah really pissed me off. YOU DO NOT REVEAL PALACE BUSINESS TO OUTSIDERS! If you have a gripe with how business is conducted within palace walls, or if you have an issue with a member of royalty, you take it up with either the Queen, or one of her advisors. And I’m sure Prince Harry knows this, but he let the charade go unchecked. That pisses me off even more because he knows better! However, I am not surprised about the conversation regarding the potential colour of son Archie’s skin.


Meanwhile, I am saddened to learn that the Queen is having health issues. I would rather have Kate become Queen rather than Camilla. But of course, the manner in which British politics work escapes me.


On the flip side, I love Kate and William. They conduct themselves with the proper decorum in public, and abide by the rules of the Royal Family.


That’s all I have for now. I thank you for reading this blog post. Comments are welcome and stay tuned for the next one. Have a good day/evening/night.

12 thoughts on “A Few Words about Meghan Markle

  1. My youngest is a red head. My husband and I have brown hair. There was talk about who’s side he will take after. When he was born, he looked like one of those monks; a ring of flaming red hair and bald in the middle. The adorable bundle who’ a dad of two, brown haired children, took us by surprise.More chat about where this throwback came from. That’s what families do. Even royal families. Because it seems to be the policy of the royal family not to air their problems we only have Meg’s word for it, what was said and how it was meant. She’s been caught out in at least one lie that has to do with why her children don’t have a royal title.
    It’s less about ignoring protocol and more about Meg’s look-at-me personality. As you know now, the queen died last night. I can only imagine how she must have felt having to put up with the sort of commotion Meg brought with her.


    1. You have a point about her look-at-me personality. If you listen to her first podcast with the Serena Williams interview, she drones on about how she wrote to a company to have a commercial changed because she did not like it when she was 11 years old before she goes into the introductions. The droning went on for so long that I was ready to stop listening. Thanks for the comment.

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  2. I think that the look-at-me personality comes from her being an actress. She seems independent which makes it difficult to follow the royal family protocol. I can only imagine how hard that must be. Better her than me.


  3. I Think Meghan Markle Is on the same level as Amber Heard, Melania Trump, Virginia Thomas, Hilaria Baldwin, Rebekah Neumann, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Elaine Chao, Ivanka Trump, Lara Trump, Blac Chyna, Anna Sorokin, Patrizia Reggiani, Vanessa Trump, Elizabeth Holmes, Ghislaine Maxwell, Wallis Simpson, Leona Helmsley, Heather Mills, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Carolyn Bryant,


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