I Have Questions

Hello everyone. My Patriot friend remarked that this 9/11 feels different, and I agree. Or maybe it is because I don’t have cable, so I am unable to watch the tributes and retrospects. But I do see them on Instagram, which makes me feel better. The flag at work was flying at half staff for Queen Elizabeth on Thursday and Friday.

Speaking of which, I came across the picture of Jeffrey and Ghislaine on my Facebook feed courtesy of DC_Draino, who I follow on Instagram. I really wish I didn’t see it because now it has unsettled me. I showed it to my sister, and she was not surprised. She says it was Prince Andrew who invited Sid and Nancy to the Queen’s personal cabin. I bet she knew what was going on, but I also wonder who else in the Monarchy knew? Did Charles and Diana know? Did the servants know? Did the dustman know? I seriously doubt they were actually in the palace because someone would have objected, But as I told you in a previous post, what happens in the palace stays in the palace.

I did not say anything to mom because it would upset her. She has fond memories of her from when she was a little girl and I don’t want to take that from her. But it does take a lot from me. Listen, for as long as I have indirectly known the Monarchy, I knew they must have a few skeletons in their closets. Charles cheating on Diana with that graceless cow Camilla, and the crash that killed Diana that left so many unanswered questions. I did not know this skeleton was hanging around. Prince Andrew should be flogged in public and put in the stockade; the plank.


My Patriot friend mentioned that a group whose name cannot be mentioned covered all of this before. I know the name of the group, but I don’t want to say their name. I need to investigate and get to the bottom of it before I start throwing accusations around. For now, knowing that those sub humans were on royal property disgusts me and leaves me with mixed feelings about the Monarchy.

Here is a video of our Museum bus in action. She was parked near the Twin Towers when they came down, and was heavily damaged. She has since been rebuilt, and now make appearances on occasion. Sometimes she can be seen in revenue service. These buses are used by the MTA for express bus service to Staten Island.

Thanks for reading this post, and comments are always welcome. Never forget. Have a good day/evening/night.

One thought on “I Have Questions

  1. My daughter does not believe some of the conspiracies about the British monarchy. She thinks that some are deliberate misinformation articles .aimed at sensationionalism.. I am undecided right now. It is easy for important people to cover their tracks. I will try to do more research before I make up my mind.


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