A Mockery of Women

I’m sitting here rubbing my fingertips like Lurch from The Addams Family before he plays the harpsichord because my fingers are aching to type regarding this amply endowed MTF trans shop teacher. Talk about low hanging fruit. Walk, do not run. Now if I can stop being a giggle box, I can get down to business.


So this male shop teacher identifies as a woman. Well then. I wonder if he named them. Joy and pain? Heaven and hell? Or maybe Sodom and Gomorrah? Oh I know, Thelma and Louise! Or Xena and Gabrielle!

Okay, enough with the cheap shots. But I couldn’t help it!

He thinks he has the right to wear preposterous prosthetic breasts with the nipples on full display, shorts, and probably heels in front of his teen students and the entire student body. He must be so proud that he could be a beautiful, sexy woman at last. Well, I don’t know about the beautiful and sexy part. I just know that this is not what high school teens need to see, AND this is not proper decorum for a shop teacher, math teacher, or even a Home Economics teacher.

Based on the miter saw and the lumber in the picture, I assume this is wood shop. One of the duties of being a shop teacher is stressing safety and using proper safety equipment whilst working with the saw(s). But with him dressed as a over the top hooker, I doubt the students are taking him seriously, which can result in someone getting hurt because rules are being ignored. Eye protection should always be worn, and there are instances where the saw can kick back when cutting a thick piece of lumber. I wonder if he is stressing those things to them. One of the main points to teach an aspiring carpenter is to measure twice, cut once. Or is he too lost in his journey of becoming a woman to even care.

I had sheet metal shop in high school, and if this excuse for a woman was my shop teacher, we would NOT take him seriously. Two periods of shop would turn into chaos. Paper airplanes flying, throwing wood chips at each other, spit balls flying everywhere. Good things girls were not allowed in shop class at the time. We would be pointing and laughing. Dissing him up and down. Some of us would either cut class or walk out. The point is that a shop teacher needs to command respect. I loved my shop teacher and so did the rest of the class. We listened to him, we laughed with him, never at him, we followed his directions and observed safety protocols. He was a really smart teacher. That’s why I didn’t injure myself soldering the tray that I made, using the snips to cut panels, or the brake to bend the panels.

I feel that his disgraceful manner of presenting himself makes a mockery of women everywhere, especially those who are amply well endowed, either naturally or artificially. It is like they want to replace women. Believe it or not, a few of them have that desire in mind. They refer to themselves as “SHEplacements.” Then the Leftists further devalue women by referring to them as “birthing persons,” and ask the stupid question: What is a woman? A question that even Justice of the Supreme Court Kentanji Brown Jackson cannot answer. The link below is a demonstration that pertains to the trans shop teacher.


A uterus transplant? This is how bad these trans women want to be woman. I think these trans women are forgetting about the pain that comes from childbirth. They need to see an episiotomy whilst watching a live birth. I guarantee they will change their minds about wanting to have a uterus. And I almost forgot about the dreaded PMS or when Aunt Flo comes to visit. Let them ask a woman about that.

And that will do it for this edition of the Soapbox. You can leave a comment if you’re so inclined. As a final thought, I will say that if it wasn’t for my mom and the spirits, I wouldn’t be here. Have a blessed day/night/evening.

One thought on “A Mockery of Women

  1. I saw the video of the wood shop teacher on Louder with Crowder. It was hilarious with what crowder did after. The whole crew wore large balloons under their shirts to prove how ridiculous it is.

    The way the wood shop teacher is dress is inappropriate around kids. My mom is a school teach. She has to go b a dress code just like the students. Anything that distracting will take away respect from the teach and from learning.


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