Get Louder with Crowder About Censorship

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Steven Crowder versus the Daily Wire; Madonna desperately wants to stay relevant; a biological male who identifies as a woman feels that he has every right to use the female locker room. Oh boy, here we go…

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Introvert Soapbox where I post about stuff that’s on my mind, and what I am really passionate about. Whilst I have many things on my mind today, I’ll focus on the ones that are at the forefront, which is censorship, and freedom of speech.

Lately, I have been listening to the Megyn Kelly Show on Spotify. I love her passion, and I find her show to be a breath of fresh air. I remember when she had Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez on the show and the conversation became a bit heated, and I loved it. So the other day, she talking about some kind of situation involving Steven Crowder. I heard something about him turning down a $50 million dollar contract, a recorded phone call, and I needed to know more. So I asked my Patriot friend who follows him, and she sent me a few videos to watch that I will share with you. To fully understand what’s going on, it helps to watch them in order.

This is the first video I watched.

This is the second one.

And the third…

At this point, I understood his side of it completely. Now I wanted to hear Daily Wire’s side of it, and thankfully, the CEO posted a video.

Now I thought that at the time, the initial offer sounded fair. But I was ruminating about it, and little things started to bother me. Such as the huge penalties for being demonitised, being de-platformed from Apple, Facebook, and Spotify, losing advertisers and being subject to a 25% financial penalty. Which leads us into this next video.

I listened to the above video at work and I’m firmly on his side. He’s standing against Big Tech and censorship. This is not about him, and it is certainly not about the money. He’s looking out for the conservative content creators, his production team, and everyone else who gets de-platformed and cancelled like Laura Loomer for speaking the truth. And now, I’m starting to question Daily Wire’s practices. What really pisses me off is that if he signed that contract, his Mug Club merch would go behind a paywall. That is just stupid! He put up the money to design and market them despite being demonitised by YouTube for years, so it belongs to him. Then there’s the subscription prices. The first tier is $8/month, the second tier is $12/month, and the top tier is $14/month. The first two are billed annually, while the last one is monthly. Too expensive for me. That’s one reason why I am not a member. Not being a fanatic of their business model is the other. Check out their refund and returns policy and let me know what you think in the comments.

So I know that this is a very polarising subject. Some of you may agree with me, some of you may not, some of you may not care. That’s okay. Watch the videos, draw your own conclusions and tell me where you stand. My Patriot friend stands with Crowder.

Candace Owens had a few words to say about it, and now I’m on the fence about her. I used to listen to her show every day, but I took a break to listen to Megyn Kelly. If Candace is against censorship and is for free speech and truth, she should see his side of it. Or is she selling out so as not to anger her Daily Wire bosses. You make the call.

That’s enough of that, so lets move on. I have been a follower of Madonna for years. In the late 1980’s I bought her True Blue album and became an instant fanatic. I still have that album somewhere, but I recreated it on Spotify; with other albums. I know that she likes to do crazy things to get attention. I remember the Sex book that came out, and it had people talking. Then there was the infamous video to Like a Prayer with the burning crosses. That didn’t sit well with me, but I like the song. Then there was the Blonde Ambition tour with the preposterous projectiles on her chest masquerading as breasts. Now, at all of 64 years old, she’s at it again.

Candace Owens has already deemed the cover to be Satanic. Before I roast her for that, I know that Madonna has expressed some kind of allegiance with a certain demon whose name refuse to say, but he has a goat head, and his name starts with the letter B. She is probably a fanatic of a certain Satanic fashion house with a Latin name that also starts with the letter B. I don’t see anything Satanic about it, but maybe its because she appears to be mocking Christianity, which is what Satan’s lackeys live to do. I like the cover, minus the heart with all the daggers. I’m still on the fence about the second pic. It looks like a parody of The Last Supper. Blasphemy? It depends on who you ask. Madonna often pushes the envelope way past established boundaries and comfort to get people talking about her. Well, she got what she wanted.

Yet another member of the Alphabet Club thinks that he can use the girls locker room at the YMCA. These men firmly believe they are women, and this YMCA is going along with it like the dopes they are. This affirming gender bullshit needs to stop.

Women need to stand up and not tolerate this ridiculous nonsense. This YMCA doesn’t give a flying fuck about this 17 year old girl being offended. Its all about being inclusive. Bullshit. Those fools are so brainwashed that its not funny. They would rather tell this teen go change somewhere else and let the wannabe woman use the women’s locker room rather than the other way around. All this is per their transgender policy. It makes me sick. All I know is if that was my daughter in there and some guy dressed as a woman walked in and his penis is on full display, I would be having a few curse words with him and management. Unfortunately, I doubt this teen girl will get justice. I doubt the YMCA will change their stupid locker room policy. But I hope she keeps up the fight.

And before I sign off, I still don’t have my truck, and the runabout is short on the room to carry all my stuff. Sometime at the end of next month and into March, it will need a timing belt replacement. I’m not looking forward to that expense. I’m losing faith, but the spirits don’t want me to give up.

So that’s all for now. I thank you for sticking around. Leave me a like and comment if you so desire, it helps the blog, and it encourages me to speak my mind when no one else cares. Stay tuned for the next post. I’m sure there will be more Crowder stuff to come. Have a good day/evening/night.


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