Shot and Bothered

I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of hearing about all this racism and so called whiteness. The country is so damn divided that it is not funny. And its all because of these damn Marxists promoting Critical Race Theory that encourages people to judge a person on the colour of his skin rather than his or her accomplishments, character, and honour. And now it seems to have gone mainstream. Look at the article below.

I think the reason why East Palestine, Ohio residents are being ignored by the media and the Dictator for Life is because of racism. It is a small town with mostly Caucasian residents, and that does not fit the media’s Marxist agenda. But if the derailment happened in Ferguson, Missouri, the media would be all over it because it is a town of mostly people with more melanin in their skin. Of course the media would then blame the derailment on white supremacy.

Now here is Marxism in action. Read what Betelgeuse, aka Lori Lightfoot, says about her ouster.

She blames “whiteness” rather than her failure to combat crime and giving the police department the middle finger. This is how Marxists function. Everything is racist. And they’re the ones saying the country is systematically racist! That makes no sense. Frankly, I can’t stand living in a world where we’re all judged by the colour of our skin. So now, all of my Caucasian friends and family members are bad and should pay me reparations because they have less melanin, and I am to be coddled and given everything I want because I have better sun protection. I would rather live in a world where everyone is judged on their merits and not skin colour.

I happened to see the following post whilst perusing Facebook regarding Kayla Lemieux.

Tim Pool was talking about this on his show, and he brought up the idea that what if this farce was Kayla’s way to call out wokeness. Nothing wrong with mocking the woke mob, but being dressed as a woman with huge prosthetic breasts in front of high schoolers is not the way to do it. Claiming the breasts are real during a NY Post interview is way over the top. Do you think he is indeed calling out wokeness, or is he a wannabe pervert who needs help? Let me know in the comments.

Meanwhile, I’m not surprised that this so called weekend of blasphemy in Boston has sold out. I think the majority of Americans have sold out to this demonic entity. One thing is for sure: I’ll never sell out. No amount of money would make me want to turn my back on the deity that saved my life when no one else cared.

But there is hope…

So that’s all for today. I thank you for reading my post and please hit the like button if I have made an impact. I bid thee a good day, good evening, and a good night.


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