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Look what I found online when I walked in from work this morning. Looks like this Alissa is engaging in the same fratty behaviour that she is looking to eliminate. I bet if James O’Keefe confronted her for a comment, she would run into the ladies room just like Dylan Mulvaney did when James confronted him. I find it interesting that once he was cast out of Project Veritas, they seem to have fallen by the wayside. Sorry, not sorry. I read somewhere that she has taken a leave of absence. Hopefully that means she was placed on unpaid leave.

Why should be give our money to woke companies who are out of touch with their customer base when we can look to the independents who put America and their customers first. Check out and the local brewery here

Okay, so I wanted to share an epiphany I recently had about the failed Bud Light ad campaign.

I have said time and time again that Dylan is a performer. Mocking the short comings of women and womanhood is his whole schtick. The bubble bath scene is an absolute insult to women and a horror for me to watch. What really grinds my gears is that there are women who support him!! Why would ANY woman support being made fun of? I compare it to me supporting the KKK even though they would use the N word to my face. I see the whole campaign as a bitch slap in the face aimed toward the customer base, and Dylan is getting richer and richer thanks to endorsements. Which reminds me. WHY in the name of dirt and worms would a company that makes tampons hire him as a spokesperson? That is one of the riddles of the century. Anyway, we, the people, were right to push back against this ridiculous campaign and boycott Bud Light. Support the independent breweries as I mentioned above. They put America and the customers first.

Meanwhile, here is an old Price Is Right clip of Dylan. I have seen overexcited women on the show when Bob Barker was the host, but this idiot takes overexcitement to a new level. Sistrum of Isis!

For a few years now, I have always felt that the weather was wrong. I don’t see the sun as much because its usually cloudy at any given time. Now even though the sun was out yesterday, the weather still felt wrong, and not just because it was cold. I suspected that our wannabe Communist government has been dicking around with the weather and yesterday, my Patriot friend confirmed my suspicions.

Ginger Zee is a NYC based meteorologist who has clapped back at online trolls in the past for comments about her hair and fashion choices. I don’t consider her the fashion plate of GMA and ABC. She seems to support this cloud seeding that has changed weather patterns planet wide. She’s just another cog in the government communist machine in my view.

Meanwhile, here are a few more posts that were shared with me.

Meanwhile, I ask for prayers, good thoughts, and well wishes. A friend has communicated thoughts of suicide, and I am doing my best to help her. Her now ex boyfriend has broken her heart and her spirit. I am helping her to pick up the pieces. You guys know I have been down suicide road before. Hopefully I can save this child of light before the reaches the point of no return. And that will do it for me. Thanks for reading my blog, and comments are always welcome.

Be safe, be strong, be wary, be smart.

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