Dylan Mulvaney: All That Money, Can’t Buy a Clue

After a self imposed hiatus, that wannabe homewrecker in a dress is back. Eh, I think he would look better in a potato sack. If a seamstress made a dress out of a potato sack for him to wear to a red carpet event, he would wear it and be none the wiser. Oh yeah, and that video of him in athletic attire trying to channel Denise Austin. Yuck. That was total grossness. I look better in a tee shirt and tights while he’s more like a Mister Punyverse. Well, Megyn Kelly did say that he has an eating disorder. Why can’t he walk into an open sewer and make it look like an accident? I’m so tired of seeing him making jokes about women and womanhood. Anyway, click the link below to see what he has to say.


While listening to my Megyn Kelly podcast at work, she made a comment that I totally agree with, as opposed to the comment about Caitlyn Jenner being the face of Bud Light. This time, she was talking about how he is an attention whore. I’ll take it one step further by saying he is a performer AND an attention whore. Let’s unpack this.

Check out my previous blog where I posed a clip that shows Dylan acting WAY over the top on The Price is Right. This was before he had the facial feminisation surgery. I have seen overexcited men and women after they win a huge prize, but Anita Faker took it to the next level. It was like he was on a Broadway show. So fast forward to a few years ago when he starts dressing as a woman and posting his days of girlhood on that sickening Tik Tok . Then he goes for surgery to feminise his face and get hair extensions, and finally, that weird bathtub scene in the Bud Light promotion and talking about March Madness like he has no clue as to what that is.

Listen, I don’t claim to be an expert on all this trans crap, but I have noticed that some male to females who really believe they are women will go the extra mile(s) to look the part. This includes multiple electrolysis sessions, having their Adams Apple shaved, breast implants, maybe butt implants, fake nails, lip injections to make them fuller, wearing Spanx to give the appearance of a curvy figure, high heels shoes, etc.

I don’t see Dylan doing all that. Indeed, he got the hair extensions, and that’s it so far. With the millions he’s made from endorsements, he could do a lot more. But instead, he wants to remain as this wannabe female impostor that likes to poke fun at women and make stereotypical jokes about womanhood. I still laugh about him commenting how he looks hot enough to steal a husband. Here’s breaking news for you dearie: there is no husband on this planet that would want you.

I wonder what would happen when he straps on a Mommy Tummy. Since he’s making a comedy routine out of being a woman, I would like to see how he handles the pain and discomfort of being pregnant. Now that would be comedy genius. I bet he would whine and scream like a banshee with a belly ache, and I would unzip half my face laughing at him. I can see him in a Mad TV sketch with the Vancome Lady and it would be a riot If you don’t know who she is, here’s a clip.

And of course, how could I leave out my all time favourite, the immortal Miss Swan. She would drive him crazy. But how do you make Dylan crazy when he has straw for brains?

That will do it for me. Have a good weekend. Be safe, be strong, be wary, be smart.


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