The Coronation of Charles and Camilla

I had totally forgotten that this past Saturday was the coronation. Which figures because I don’t pay much attention to what the royals are doing as long as Epstein’s name is not mentioned. I was not surprised when I saw mom watching the coronation when I walked in. She has a high regard for Queen Elizabeth and the monarchy. She has seen her many times when she was a young girl in Jamaica when it was a British colony.

I watched a few minutes of it whilst she went to the supermarket, and I was not impressed. The horse drawn carriage that looked like it was made of gold was way over the top and too garish. I’m surprised the royals were not riding in a litter. Maybe because it was raining. All those legions of soldiers marching in the street reminded me of Caesar’s triumphs when he returned to Rome from a campaign abroad. I was waiting to see the war wagons filled with spoils and shackled prisoners of war being dragged behind them. I blame Charles for Diana’s death, and Prince Andrew has ties to Epstein, AND the Queen knew this, but was unable to do anything about it. I’m glad he was booed when he showed up.

Seems like I’m not the only one that was not impressed with this coronation. There was a sizeable gathering that protested it. I wish I could have joined them. This coronation is a waste of taxpayer money and is is disgrace to the people of the UK. At least that whiny so and so Meghan was not present. I was surprised to hear that my German friend did not like it either. She could not watch it because she was thinking of Diana. Another friend would concur with her.

So there you have it folks. I’m no fanatic of the coronation, and both Charles and Camilla can muck off. The only ones I like are Prince William and Princes Katherine. That will do it for this edition of the Soapbox. Be safe, be strong, be wary, be smart.


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