Wasted Management

Here are two videos I was watching about garbage collection in Jamaica, Like we say down a yard, nuff tings gone wrong.

I have not been happy with the National Solid Waste Management Association (NSWMA) as of late. Even though Audley Gordon managed to secure the purchase of 50 new bin lorries last year, garbage collection remains a sore point for the residents. There is so much room for improvement.

Granted, residents can help with the garbage problem by using bins to properly dispose of their waste. But ultimately, its up to the NSWMA to provide bins for the residents, litter baskets for street corners, dump boxes to commercial establishments, and make timely pickups. Any resident in Jamaica can tell you of times they have gone for weeks without a regular garbage pickup. I’m not surprised that the bin men want a tip. No tip means no pick up. The amount of waste that is piled up on sidewalks, street corners, and gullys is disgusting. No wonder there is a problem with vermin and odour. The association should start imposing fines for illegal garbage disposal in conjunction with the Jamaican Constabulary Force.

Okay, so Audley says that the bin men are to pick up the garbage and move. That is fine since they have a route to finish. What the association need to do is have a lot cleaning division that will clean up loose garbage from the roadside, gullys, and empty lots using a loader and a bin lorry. Purchase mechanical brooms to clean the local streets and do it on a regular basis. And most of all, they need to build waste to energy plants. Right now, there are eight disposal sides on the tiny island, and they are all landfills. That is only a band aid solution. A more permanent solution is needed. A recycling program would help reduce the amount of plastics in the waste stream. Of course, all this would require a massive grant of a few billion dollars. China usually steps up to the plate when grant money is needed, but this time, I think they are being a little more tight fisted.

I am not happy with how Audley is managing garbage pickups and the agency in general. I would say throw him out and bring someone else in because as long as he’s at the helm, the garbage collection woes will continue.

But I will give him credit to his timely response to the landfill fire. It is important to contain it as quickly as possible before it spreads and turns into an environmental crisis. Makes me wonder if the landfill has ever used water trucks to keep the dust down and reduce the chance of a fire. I would say that is highly unlikely.

That will do it for this edition of the Soapbox. Have a good day, a good evening, and a good night.


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