The Me Too Movement

Look, I get it. No woman wants to be cat called, be subjected to wolf whistles, indecent proposals, or a reference to a sex act using two fingers and the tongue. No woman wants to be hit on while she’s going about her business. I do want women to stand up for themselves against such behaviour.

But this me too movement has had an unintended effect. Now some of us guys are afraid to approach a woman; even if our intentions are honorable. Some of you may know of the goddess who’s apartment is behind my kitchen wall who I want to ask out of a date. But I’m afraid to because she will think I’m either a creep, or I want to rob her of her virtue.

At work, the whole me too thing is further complicated by sexual harassment rules. I see so many pretty women, but due to the threat of termination for even telling a woman that she looks beautiful, I have to stay silent. And I remember a former employee who had a thuglike swag about him was hooking up with women at program and he never got in trouble. I’m still jealous of him. I wish I had a wife who would cook for me, take care of me, be a mom to my daughter, and we share our lives with each other. I am the only unmarried person in my small circle of friends.

So currently, I met a nice Jamaican girl at one of the houses, and I would love to ask her out. I thought about giving her a scented candle because I really like her, but I changed my mind because I don’t want to get fired. It sounds silly, but it can happen here. So I’m carrying a torch for a woman who is out of my reach. That is the story of my life. I don’t see how this can work. I saw a video of a woman named Becky who is complaining that men don’t approach her any more. Gee, I wonder why is that? So it seems like at least one woman is not a fanatic of this movement.

Ladies, not all of us are looking to get in and get out, hit it and quit it, get you pregnant and disappear like a thief in the night. Some of us, me, included, are actually looking for a lovely woman to spent time with, and it all goes well, there is the option to take it to the next level. All we want is a chance. Those of us with honour are willing to show you that we’re not players. Of course, there are those of us who would entertain the idea of going to another country to meet a woman. You’ve heard of guys who meet Russian women online and fly there to meet them and bring them back stateside to marry. Well, I doubt that is happening considering the tensions between Russia and Washington DC. Anytime I think of the me too movement, I think of that poster child for leftism and downright stupidity Alyssa Milano. She needs to muck off and go get stuffed.

That’s all I have to say about the me too thing. Have a good night, a good day, and a good evening everyone.

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