A Beautiful Weekend

The company switched from ADP to this new payroll processing company, and I hate them to pieces. I had direct deposit set up, and every Thursday, the money was in my account. Now, with this new payroll company which shall remain nameless, they are testing the limits of my patience. It is unlikely that I will ever become accustomed to them because I do not like them. Doing my timesheet was so much easier with ADP. Now, it has become a lesson in futility. That’s all I will say about it. Life is too short to concentrate on hating a payroll company.

One thing I need to start doing is getting all my chores done on Friday night so I can veg out on Saturday morning, and go to the marina on Sunday. Or maybe I can go on Saturdays so I can have my Sunday mornings free. I know not. I was so tired on Friday afternoon because I went to the fitness centre after work and wore myself out. When I woke up on Saturday, it was such a lovely day, and the daily battle within me begins to make itself known. My Aries side wants to go outside and enjoy the weather, whilst my Cancer side wants to stay home and watch a movie. I went to moms and spent time with her. On Sunday, I went to the county park, but that was a disappointment because my parking pass is only valid for town parks. A Green Key card is required for access. I plan on looking into it.

I did not go to the marina today because I was cleaning my bathroom. I hate to clean, but sometimes I feel guilty about letting it get so filthy, and mom keeps her so clean, so I scrubbed the tub and the sink. I’ll clean the toilet before I go to bed. I feel guilty about not going to the fitness centre to run, but I still remember the nonsense I had to put up with on Friday. I walk in, and right away, I hear Stevie Blunder with the grunts and groans. Sounded like he was masturbating. Or the Sid and Nancy wannabes dropping weights last week. Proper decorum is sometimes lacking, and that’s why I bring my phone and headphones. I honestly believe the fitness centre needs a list of rules and regulations posted on the wall. I still remember the plank that showed up on a hoverboard. I shalst never forget that one. I honestly believe the fitness centre needs a “lunk alarm” like the one at Planet Fitness. Whenever someone drops a weight, a loud siren goes off.

I wanted to mention that as of late, I feel compelled to speak to my friends using Old English. I first saw it when I was reading Macbeth. The left page contained the original Old English version, whilst the right page contained the Modern English version. I know not as to why the sudden interest. But I am definitely interested in learning more. Since I frequent the library, I shalst find a book that will further my education on the subject.

Thanks for reading my post. Sat Nam.

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Weekend

  1. It is okay to use Old English with close friends who do not mind. Of course, you don’t use it around co-workers or mere acquaintances for obvious reasons. Maybe you just feel like being different now.😊


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