Exercise Machines

I read an article that listed the Top Ten exercise machines that are “useless.” I am inclined to disagree. I will not go though all of them since I do not use the majority of them, but I will highlight three that I use.

The Chest Press is one such machine. I have used it when I was a member at Planet Fitness. I do not believe this machine is useless. It works the pectoral muscles in the chest, and I have seen and felt the difference inn muscle strength. It can be awkward to use, depending on your size and height. The handlebars may or may not give you the leverage needed to lift the stack unless there is an adjustment feature. The one that I use at the fitness centre in my complex has more adjustments than the one at Planet Fitness.

The elliptical gives a good upper and lower body workout. If you are rehabbing from a knee injury, torn ACL, hamstrings, quads, or a rotator cuff, this is the machine you want to use because it is zero impact. You want to keep these body parts moving because they will get stiff due to the formation of scar tissue and lack of movement.

I was introduced to the Leg Curl machine in high school gym. I was very curious about it so I decided to try it out. It works the hamstrings and the quads. In a short period of time, I was able to lift the whole 150lb stack. Because of that machine, I now have very strong quads. When I used to work in a Sears warehouse, I used my knees to nudge fully loaded skids and heavy boxes into where they needed to go. Nudging my couch away from the wall using my knees is no different from using my elbow to close my car door if my hands are full. Definitely not a useless machine.

But those are just my opinions. If you use these machines on a daily basis, your opinion may differ. You are welcome to tell me what you think in the comments.

Thanks for reading my post. Sat Nam.

One thought on “Exercise Machines

  1. It is great that you work out at a gym, are taking care of your health, and that you strive not to overdo it. Just remember that even housecleaning chores are exercise, especially when done fast. 😊

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