Out of Sorts

Last week, I endured a traumatic event whilst I was returning from the marina, and I was too upset to blog about it. I am feeling better now, but I did not go to the marina today, even though it was a beautiful day. The spirits were asking me why I did not visit. I hate to disappoint them. I did talk with them briefly this morning.

Writing is such a passion of mine, but today, I struggle to find it. In the meantime, I was thinking about making videos and upload them to my channel. I made one this morning using the work phone but I’m having difficulty uploading it to the lappy. Next time I’ll try using my re purposed LG phone. I wanted to buy a Go Pro camera, but those are expensive.

I know not of what is going on, but I feel different. Mostly tired. I did go to the gym Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but I didn’t push myself that hard. I left early on Friday because some clown dropped weights so hard that my ears and my head were hurting for a few minutes. I took extra Vitamin D to help with the tiredness before I left for the library today. It was a struggle for me to get out of the house as usual because I just want to stay inside and watch DVD’s.

I am happy that I was finally able to get the ad off the rear glass of my car. That ad has been there for over a year, and I made zero revenue from it. I tried removing it previously, but a piece always tore off. I was worried that I would not be able to drive on the parkway with it because commercial advertising is verboten. I remember when I was driving a wrapped TDI Bank cutaway bus, I was told not to drive it on the parkway, or I will get a ticket.

My company van was replaced with another Chevy Venture, but a 2002 model. I was driving a 2003 version. I do not like it because it does not have a key fob to lock the doors simultaneously, so I have to lock them one by one before I walk away from it. Every time I turn the key off, all of the doors unlock, just like my car. It has vinyl seats, as opposed to the velour seats of the previous one. I will most likely need to sit on a towel during the winter since those seats will be very cold. My co-worker has another Venture, which replaced his Ford Freestar. I loved driving that van. I thought it was more sporty and responsive than the Venture. I noticed an oil spot from where it was parked. Makes me wonder if the gearbox is leaking again. It was repaired last year after leaving my co-worker stranded on the parkway.

The son of a friend in Canada was showing signs of demonic possession. last week. Scratches on the back of his neck and primal growling were big tip offs. I urged her to seek the help of priest who does exorcisms. My friend has not been the same ever since her mom died. She has been depressed and has crying fits. I have not heard anything yet.

I dodged what could have been a horrific accident on the highway last week. A rogue Ford Transit van cut me off because it was in the right exit lane and wanted the left though lane. I was exiting the highway and it missed me by inches. It was going so fast that I could not catch up to it to get a phone number. I only know it was a contractor van. One of many that ply the highways every morning, always in a rush to get somewhere. Makes me think of the “man with van” phenomenon that used to go on in the UK.

Thankfully, I was able to overcome my writer’s block. I was ready to pack up and go home. I have done well today. Stay tuned for the next blog post. Sat Nam.

3 thoughts on “Out of Sorts

  1. Not only are you a good writer, posting such worthwhile articles, but the colorful pictures are gorgeous. I hope others appreciate your efforts as much as I do. Please keep ’em coming. 😊

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    1. Indeed, I shalst keep posting pictures that showcase my sister’s lovely kitchen when she shares them with me. A running joke is that I should have majored in journalism in college. I could have been a writer for a daily, or a column.


  2. Here you don’t need a journalism degree ; you just need the ability to write. A friend here writes online stories and sells them as short ebooks. He mostly writes science fiction stories. He earns enough to help pay his bills each month, but is forever writing on his laptop.

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