True Lies

Yesterday, I was talking to a close friend about a goddess that we both love and adore. As I was texting her, my guide shared his thoughts to me about a now former friend from a few moons ago who claimed to know the same goddess, and how our mutual suspicions were confirmed based on what my friend revealed to me.

“Keri” was a friend who lived in Canada. She was the friend of a friend who I had a major falling out with in 2013. We became good friends despite her animosity towards me. She claimed the spirits of my aunt and grandmother visited her. I had my doubts, but I went with it. The friendship changed when her mom passed on, and she became a different person. Almost like she was turning toward the dark side. I knew she was very close to her mother. I knew she was hurting. I offered to help calm her mind, but she said that nothing will heal the hurt, so I left it alone. I became a friendly ear for her when she went into one of her rants about how she’s this, she’s that, the earth trembles when she gets mad, blah, blah blah. Eventually, I became tired of her bravado. If she is this all powerful force in the universe that can shake the earth to its core, then don’t talk about it. Show me! Otherwise, its all talk, with no action. In her defence, she is a Leo, and they can be just as self centered as an Aries.

I suspected that she was lying to me about certain things. Like the time when she claimed that a certain goddess spoke to me through her. I wrote it down word for word and saved it on my laptop. In hindsight, it was a lie! When Keri was channeling this goddess, the conversation seemed to be too general. My guide was suspicious, but I was caught up in the moment. But later on, when she left, the whole conversation didn’t seem right to me. I do not like liars. I have unfriended people on Facebook in the past because I caught them in a lie.

The friendship started to disintegrate when she asked me to give up my “war like” ways. I felt insulted! Indeed, I am an Aries, and there is a part of me that craves chaos and conflict. It does not mean that I am like that in real life. I am actually quite the opposite. Without my Aries side, I would become a super sensitive person that would be prone to crying fits. It brought to mind one on my favourite Star Trek: Voyager episodes titled “Faces.”

In this episode, Chief Engineer B’lanna Torres was split into her Klingon and Terran sides by a Vidiian doctor as an experiment. She realised that needed help from her Klingon half, crude and uncivilized as she was, to escape from her captor. In the end, B’lanna became whole again because she needed the Klingon genes to survive. For those that do not know, a Terran is someone from Earth, derived from the Latin phrase terra firma, or “firm land.”

The relationship continued going downhill, and eventually, I grew weary of the back and forth swipes, so I blocked her. At the time, I felt bad for blocking her, but now, I’m glad I did! How could she lie to me like that? Perhaps it was some sort of revenge on behalf of our mutual friend. Or maybe she was descending further into darkness because she grieved for her dead mother. I may never know. In comparison, I know a lovely woman who still grieves for the loss of her only son a few moons ago. Whilst it has changed her, she has moved forward with it.

Stay tuned for the next post in another week. Until then, Sat Nam.

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