Don’t Hold It In

Work has been very stressful for all of last week. There is asbestos abatement going on outside the building, the politics at work drive me crazy, stupid meetings that bore me to tears, and so many rules and regulations that is causing push back. I feel more like an automaton rather than an individual. The bosses always ask how I am doing and I usually say I’m ok because I don’t want to talk about it, lest it turns into a rant. So I hold it in, and it starts affecting my work. I was constantly getting calls from the other supervisor about missing entries for clients. My work was becoming shoddy. The talking heads known as the Joint Commission is striking fear into the agency with their inspections, so paper work and client entries must be in order. So all this had me stressed out to the max.

I took Friday off to go to the ophthalmologist, and afterward, I went to see my therapist. I have not made an appointment with her for a few weeks, so it was a perfect time to see her. I got all the stress off my chest. All the nonsense that has been bothering me all week. By the time I left, I felt so much better. I actually felt like me again. New ideas for the blog came to me. I went straight to the library and went to work. I made a few initial changes, edited previous blogs, and deleted the silly ones from March. I had considered deleting the entire blog! How preposterous! But I was in a bad place when that thought came to mind a few weeks ago.

I wanted to get the oil changed on my car on Saturday, but the shop did not have time. So I went to Wal-Mart, and the auto parts store. I spent time with mom, then went home. I was tired, but I decided to run the Hoover carpet cleaner because I hated the way the carpet looked. That wore me out, and I was able to sleep well for a change. Today I am still feeling great despite the heat and humidity. Tomorrow may be a different story because it is a work day. If it was up to me, I would quit. But for the time being, I am enjoying the good mood. I had interviewed for a job on Friday, and I hope I get it. Office work is not for me.

The lesson that I need to learn here is that no matter what is on my mind, I need to talk about it, and not let it fester and build up, because, at some point, it will come out, and usually not in my good way. Aries in Saturn is present in my natal chart. It means that I will learn a painful lesson if I ever lose my temper. That makes me all the more important to talk about my problems. I encourage you, the reader, to talk about what bothers you also, and not to hold it in. Just one way to help live your best life.

Thanks for reading my post. As always, Sat Nam.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Hold It In

  1. I truly think this is one of your better postings my friend. I feel like you are truly reaching out to those that struggle with this one. So, looking forward to watching you branch out more and help others along the way too.

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