To Write Or Not To Write

Last week, I really wanted to write this article. It was supposed to be about a Ted Talk video on “social prescribing.” I watched the video, and I was so excited to talk about it, and when the time came to write, I had nothing. I understand about writer’s block, but this was an extreme case. I usually have something to say about what’s going on with the world. I was really disgusted with myself. The only thing I could do was write in my private journal. Perhaps I will be able to talk about it in a future post.

Then there is the issue of Facebook. Whenever I post a link of my blog on Facebook, no one sees it. I firmly believe it is deliberate. I guess it goes against their “community standards.” A friend who is an impressionist painter hast complained of something similar. As of now, I have not had any views for a week. I ask myself: “what’s the point of publishing if no one reads it because of Facebook?” My friend Arziana Everdark is building a publishing empire thanks to her YouTube videos and books that she and her partner and my friend Sally hast written. I am currently waiting on a copy of the latest book titled Friendships with Spirits. Here is a link to the video:

I would like to believe that I am building a publishing empire. It would be easy for me to give up and shut the page down and let my unrequited desire of being a writer blow away like fall leaves in the wind. I can easily post the link to my friends in messenger, but it is time consuming, and I want people to read it of their own free will, and not because I tell them to.

I suppose every one who hast started a blog hast going through when I am going through. I am a notoriously private person, and I do not like sharing my work. Yes, there is the contradiction of the week. I do not like to share my work, but I want people to read what I hast written. It is no different from me wanting to be alone, but I complain about being lonely. Welcome to the life of an introvert.

Yesterday, whilst reading posts in a Facebook group, I recalled that one of the benefits of being an empath is that people naturally feel comfortable about me, and sometimes they tell me things of an intimate nature that I could never reveal to anyone. So I gave myself the title Keeper Of Secrets because that is how it feels. Sally is the Holder Of Love, and my big sister Renea hast an even more regal title that I cannot reveal.

I suppose I should embrace being an unknown in the blogging world for now, because should fame hit, the pressure will be on to write, and I worry that I will fall on my face when the time comes to write articles to keep the masses entertained. But is it fame that I seek, or just to be noticed out of the millions of bloggers on the Net? I know not. But I do want my enemies to see that I art doing better than them. So to answer the question of should I continue to write or not? The answer is yes, I will continue to write. Sat Nam.

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