Kundalini Yoga

I have been wanting to resume my Kundalini yoga sessions on Sunday mornings, but life hast been crazy for the past few months. After being aroused from sleep at ten minutes to six this morning thanks to a mysterious woman knocking at my door, I was feeling rather jittery, and I thought I would do some yoga to help take the edge off.

I love the Kundalini Yoga beginner series with Nirvair Khalsa. I prefer the first DVD in the series that deals with simple stretching, but I wanted this particular DVD with the chapter that includes an “elephant walk.” The idea is, if you’re feeling depressed, the elephant walk will change your perspective, you get to laugh at yourself, and the body gets a workout in the process. I did it, and I was giggling like a school girl because I felt so silly walking on all fours like that. I will post a link to Amazon if you wish to buy the DVD. If the link does not work for some reason, copy and paste the link to a new browser window.

I also performed the Sat Kriya with my arms over my head, the fingers interlaced with my index fingers pointing upwards, tightening the pelvic muscles as I inhale, and releasing on the exhale. It sounds easy, but it can be exhausting. I love the one where I hold my arms up and form a V with my hands facing each other, and visualise energy flowing between them. With me being an Aries, I naturally visualised a orange flame flowing between my hands. That is another great way to shift your perspective if you’re feeling depressed.

There are many different types of yoga. If this one doesn’t work for you, there are others to choose from. Find the type that is comfortable for you, and start there. If you have difficulty doing the yoga poses, you can modify them according to your flexibility. I made my yoga sessions much easier by using a memory foam mattress pad that was repurposed as a yoga mat. Sat Nam.

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