Introducing My Twin Flame

I met Renea, my big sister from another mister many moons ago on a now defunct social media site called MyYearbook. At the time, Facebook was starting to grow in popularity. Both of us made the move to Facebook eventually because she was cross with all the men that would send her unsolicited messages asking for sex. For the record, I did no such thing. We have a unique bond that most people would not understand. There was a time when I was out of touch with her because she was having problems with her phone, and the separation was indeed painful. We both felt it. I could go on and on about her virtues, but I need your help.

Before bed this past Saturday night, I responded to a very cross Facebook post. She created a group on Facebook called Creative Decorating to display her talents in interior design, and no one seems to appreciate her work. Her group hast only six members at the moment, and she would like a few more. She frequently posts pics of her projects to her group. She enjoys her work, and loves to get recognition for it. Indeed, the majority of my friends love the pictures. Most of the featured pics on the blog art her designs.

She works very hard on her designs, often working through the night to the point of exhaustion. She never rests on her laurels. She created a working half bathroom that looks more like a maritime museum, complete with a real sextant and an old square rigger. For those that dost not know, a sextant is used by sailors for navigational purposes.

I wish to make it clear that she is married with three children. She is NOT interested in posing for nude pics on web cam, sending nude pics, or receiving unsolicited male genitalia pictures, so please do not ask. You will be blocked and reported.

I ask my readers if they could please visit her page and leave a comment about one of her designs, and/or like her page. I love her so much, and I hate to see her feeling so unappreicated. I do all I can for her, but we live so far away from each other. I will post a link to her page. I thank you all so much. Sat Nam.

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