The call came in yesterday afternoon whilst I was home. I saw the number on my phone and I knew it was HR. I didn’t want to answer because I thought it would be bad news.

I was so right!!

Due to the pandemic and declining revenue, I was informed that I was being furloughed. When business picks up again, I will return to work at the same pay rate.  It figures because I am not a direct care counselor.  The company hast never furloughed employees in its 40 year history. The DCC’s that were assigned to that house and the rest of the houses upon being hired are the only ones that are still working now.

Well, at least I was not fired, right?

But I didn’t take it well. This is my first time being furloughed.  I was a nervous wreck for a few hours after I hung up. Sophia kept reassuring me that I will be fine. She reminded me that I have been through worse, and that I always managed to survive; even if it did not work out the way I wanted it to. Always count on her to be the voice of reason.

At least I got paid for the last two weeks of work. Now I have to conserve money until my first unemployment check arrives. I need to file my taxes, and I did not get my stimulus check yet. My car needs an oil change, a new tyre, and work on the emissions system.

Yesterday, I was outside cleaning my car interior. I was cleaning the door lock switch and I heard three dings, which meant the doors will lock automatically once I close them. I ignored it since the doors were open on both sides.

I failed to take into account that it was a windy day. Dumb move.

I closed the trunk lid gingerly to dust it off. It latched, and, to my horror, I heard the door locks activate! The wind had shut all my doors. I searched for my keys, which I found  laying on the passenger seat with my phone! Ugh!! I broke a cardinal rule:  keep my keys in my pocket for situations just like this.

I ran to my apartment to call someone. Good thing I remembered to unlock the door before going out.  How was I gonna call someone? Duh, I locked the phone in the car!  I noticed my neighbour had her front door open, and I asked if I could use her phone. I was so scatterbrained that I called my insurance company first. No answer. Then I called the local precinct to see if an officer could help. The dispatcher suggested I call Triple A. I forgot I had a membership! I called them, and I didn’t have to wait long. They arrived and gained access. I just grabbed my keys and phone and called it a day. No more cleaning the car on windy days.   Sometime this week, I’ll go to the hardware store to make a spare set of keys.

I thanked my neighbour profusely before I went inside. She was so sweet. I should bake her a cake.  I felt so embarrassed at how I acted.

So, after I file for unemployment, it will be a matter of hurry up and wait until my check comes. I did not purchased any stock for two weeks since the market hast been rather bearish due to the rise in unemployment filings. But my stocks closed up at the closing bell.

Right now, there is nothing much I can do except try and enjoy this forced time off whilst doing what I need to do to ensure that I don’t become homeless.

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